10 Unexpected Facts You Need to Know About the Eagles!

In this post, we’ll look at some of The Eagles’ most startling facts. These ten simple facts will help us learn more about the band.

Awesome Facts About The Eagles You Didn’t Know

The Eagles were founded in Los Angeles in 1971 by Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner. They emerged into one of the most popular bands of their time during the 1970s, with five No. 1 singles and six No. 1 albums, as well as multiple Grammy and American Music Awards.

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  1. Due to Travis Tritt, they were reunited

When the band broke up in 1980, the members went their own ways since their relationships had gone apart, with each vowing never to get back together. Fey refused to speak to anyone, and Don Henley declared that they would only reconcile “when hell freezes over.”

  1. Problems at the Beverly Hills Hotel

David Alexander photographed the Beverly Hills Hotel for the album Hotel California front cover. To capture the shot, Alexander had to use a cherry picker to lift himself 60 feet above Hollywood Boulevard.

The Beverly Hills Hotel appeared nearly unrecognizable from that vantage point and in the fading light of the evening. Nevertheless, when the hotel learned that their building was featured on the cover of the Eagles’ record without their consent, they threatened legal action.

  1. Deacon Frey stepped into his father’s shoes

Regrettably, following Glenn Frey’s death in January 2016, the band was unsure whether they would perform again. The idea of replacing Frey just seemed inappropriate because he was an original founder and had led the band for so long.

Deacon Frey, Frey’s son, stepped up to the plate and filled his father’s shoes, playing in front of 55,000 people in July 2017.

  1. The Band Refused To Share Their Best Hits

The band was initially opposed to the notion of publishing their album Greatest Hits, which was suggested to them by their record label. They were opposed to releasing something before Hotel California just to make some additional cash, but the record label pushed.

In the end, Greatest Hits was their most successful record and the best-selling album of the twentieth century in the United States.

  1. They Were Not a Genuinely California Band

Despite the fact that the Eagles were labeled as a West Coast band, with one of their most popular albums being Hotel California, they were not from California. Tony B. Schmidt, an Oakland native, was the only member from the state.

  1. “Life In The Fast Lane” Was Inspired By A 90-Mile Hour Talk With A Drug Dealer

The Eagles undoubtedly lived the rock and roll lifestyle, with their experiences being the inspiration and topics for many of their songs. This was the case for “Life in the Fast Lane,” which was inspired by a conversation between Glenn Frey and his drug dealer flying down the highway.

Frey recalls in the documentary The History of the Eagles, ” was sitting shotgun in a Corvette with a dealer on the way to a poker game […] The next thing I know we’re doing 90.

  1. They Set The Bar For Arena Ticket Sales

The band returned in 1994 after a 14-year break and it was evident that they still had a large fan following that was willing to pay a hefty amount to see them play. As a result, during their “Hell Freezes Over” tour that same year, they were the first group to ever sell arena tickets for over $100.

Seeing that people were prepared to spend that sort of money to watch a band, other groups such as the Rolling Stones began to boost their rates as well.

  1. Don Henley Brought His Own Mattress On The Hotel California Tour

When on the road, especially with intensive touring schedules, it’s not unusual for musicians to go to considerable measures to make themselves as comfortable as possible.

According to Joe Berry, the band’s chief electrician, Don Henley “Insisted on having a king-size bed and mattress accessible at all times, which the crew had to transport around everywhere.”

  1. Glenn Frey Obeyed His Mother, Kind Of

Back when he was a young man, Glenn Frey, who was originally meant to be the band’s bass player but became the vocalist and guitarist, was found by his mother smoking marijuana with his friend.

Upon being discovered, she subsequently barred him from ever joining a rock band, for concern that it would just propagate that kind of conduct.

  1. They Have A Failed Lawsuit

In 2001, the band sued the American Eagle Foundation for utilizing the domain name, eagles.org, as well as the phone number (800)2-EAGLES. They also sued the organization’s American Eagle Records compact disk and video distribution label saying that it generated confusion for the public.

But, the organization pushed back arguing that the eagle has been a symbol of the nation for hundreds of years and that tens of thousands of enterprises have the word “eagles” in their name.

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