10 Interesting Facts About John Lennon!

In this essay, we will look at some of the most startling aspects of John Lennon’s life. These ten simple facts will assist us to learn about the artist’s lifestyle.

Top Ten John Lennon Facts

On October 9, 1940, John Lennon was born in Liverpool and went on to become one of the world’s most iconic musicians. Rock & roll did not exist prior to him, and the Beatles are widely regarded as the inventors of the music, but some may disagree.

  1. John Lennon Was a Boy Scout as Well as a Choir Kid

He began his singing career as a choir boy at St. Peter’s Church in Liverpool, England. John was also a member of the Allerton Boy Scout Troop.

  1. John Was Brought Up by His Aunt

John was raised by his Aunt Mimi at 251 Menlove Avenue in Liverpool after his father went missing. He was five years old and lived with his aunt and uncle, who also had children.

They resided near a Salvation Army orphanage, and John enjoyed exploring its garden, known as Strawberry Fields. Strawberry Fields, a Beatles song, was inspired by this meadow.

  1. He Learned to Play the Banjo From His Mother

Although John Lennon was reared by his aunt, his mother, Julia, would pay him visits on occasion. He learned to play the banjo and the piano from her. His mother gave him his first guitar.

They would listen to Elvis Presley’s songs and she would even teach him how to play Fats Domino’s piano. Isn’t that a pity? His aunt purchased him a collection of short stories, and his uncle a mouth organ. Tragically, his mother died in 1958 after being hit by an off-duty police officer.

  1. John Lennon Was a Bad Driver

He passed his driving test at the age of 25. Lennon, too, did not drive much and once damaged his car while on a trip to Scotland. John received 17 stitches. His wife Ono, her daughter Kyoko, and his son Julian were in the car with him. John stopped driving after the collision.

When they returned to England, they hung the wreckage on a pillar in their house. They hired a chauffeur or engaged a driver.

  1. Quarrymen Were His First Band

John formed The Quarrymen when he was 16 years old. A few years later, at a church gathering, he met Paul McCartney and urged him to join his band.

The following year, McCartney invited George Harrison to join him. Stuart Sutcliffe, a buddy from art college, was then brought by Lennon. Pete Best joined the band as a drummer in 1960.

That day in 1958, their debut recording was a cover of Buddy Holly’s. The Crickets, Holly’s band, prompted Lennon and his friends to change their name to the Beatles.

  1. He Was the Only Member of the Beatles Who Didn’t Switch to Vegetarianism

George Harrison became the first Beatles musician to follow a strict vegetarian diet in 1965. Afterwards, Paul McCartney joined him, and the two of them were involved for purely spiritual reasons.

Ringo also turned vegetarian, but he did it for medical reasons. John, though, wasn’t really committed. He considered it briefly but always settled on meat.

  1. Lennon Did Not Like the Beatles’ Records Too Much

John complained to his old producer about the band’s recordings. The band had split up a year prior to this. According to reports, he intended to redo every Beatles song.

  1. John Lennon Abused People Physically

He acknowledged that he was possessive and envious and that he frequently reacted violently. John admitted to inflicting physical abuse on any woman, including those with whom he had relationships, in the past.

He had trouble expressing himself and would sometimes use physical force. Both Yoko Ono and his first wife Cynthia were victims of his. But after he met Ono, this stopped, and he started to advocate for peace.

  1. He is Charged With Disbanding the Beatles

This well-known band’s disbanding is attributed to John Lennon. According to rumors, the band members’ later years were difficult. It all began when he declared he was leaving the organization during their regular meeting. The group, in the opinion of many, could continue without him.

Shortly after, Paul McCartney quit the group. After Abbey Road was recorded, they departed. After Paul McCartney quit, the public found out about the band’s dissolution. A month had passed prior to the single Let It Be’s release. Before they reconciled, John and Paul continued to argue in the open for three years.

  1. Nobody is Aware of His Ashes’ Location

A distraught fan fatally shot John Lennon, age 40. He had earlier that day autographed a piece of paper for his murderer. Several weeks prior to his passing, Lennon had just released his album, double fantasy.

After being shot outside his New York apartment, he was taken to the hospital right away, but it was too late. Howard Cosell made the first announcement of his passing during a Monday night football game. One day after passing away, Lennon was cremated. His final resting place has remained a mystery up to this point.

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