10 Things You Need to Know About Eddie Hermida!

In this post, we will look at some of the most unusual aspects of Eddie Hermida’s life. These ten simple facts will assist us to learn about the artist’s lifestyle.

10 Facts About Eddie Hermida You Didn’t Know

If you are a Suicide Silence fan, you must have been upset when the band did not release a song for four months after Mitch Lucker died. You probably believed they’d reached the end of the road, but they eventually returned to the studio. That was only when Eddie Hermida joined the band and, with his incredible vocals, revived their passion for music.

  1. His Suicide Silence Audition Song

Suicide Silence requested Hermida to join them, and he didn’t think twice about the audition song. He recorded “You Only Live Once,” and the band was so impressed that they couldn’t wait for him to join them. As a result, as soon as they saw how good Hermida was, Suicide Silence called him.

  1. Why He Was Afraid of Joining Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence’s lead vocalist, Mitch Lucker, was killed in a motorbike accident. After four months of mourning without recording anything, the band decided to ask Hermida to join them.

  1. He had the band’s song removed from a video game

Suicide Silence collaborated with Cody Matthew Johnson on “Subhuman,” the combat theme for the Devil May Cry video game series.

Eddie Hermida

The video debuted at Tokyo Game Show before Hermida’s sexual charges. Capcom removed the tune to protect its reputation, stating that the battle theme will no longer be highlighted for promotional purposes.

  1. He Was Hesitant to Join Suicide Silence

When Louder interviewed Hermida, he admitted to having reservations about joining Suicide Silence. Hermida was already a member of another band, All Will Pass, at the time of the recording. As a result, he requested Suicide Silence members to give him some time to consider their proposal. Hermida spent three months talking to friends and relatives who pushed him to make the move.

  1. He Was Charged with Sexual Misconduct

Verena Ceris disclosed on Twitter that she has been a fan of Suicide Silence since she was 13 years old and that their music has helped her get through terrible times. Once Lucker died, she was apprehensive to accept Hermida as his replacement, but she grew to like him over time.

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She added that the frontman had been following her on Twitter, so she wrote him a message thanking him for saving her favorite band from disbandment. Hermida, according to the fan, requested that they be discreet.

  1. His Voice was Replaced in the Video Game “Devil May Cry”

Following the sexual allegations, for which Hermida issued an apology, Capcom determined that replacing the singer’s vocals was preferable to punishing the entire band.

Therefore, they announced in December 2018 that they intended the fan experience to remain unaffected. Because they did not want the efforts of the other Suicide Silence members to go to waste, the game’s developers decided to replace Hermida with Michael Barr, the lead singer of Volumes.

  1. He believes that musicians must not sell out

According to an article in Alternative Press, Hermida believes that anyone who creates music for reasons other than artistic expression is a traitor. He accused Thy Art Is Murder of being traitors for peddling hats with the phrase “Make Deathcore Great Again” on them. They imitated Trump and used the political ploy to earn more money.

  1. As a child, he adored “Return of the Jedi”

Hermida was born in 1983, the year the film was released, and it quickly became one of his favorites. When the singer first saw it on HBO, he had his mother remain up until 2:00 a.m. to record it. His affection for the film compelled him to view it repeatedly until it was completely worn out.

  1. On his legs are tattoos of his favorite celebrities

Since falling in love with “Return of the Jedi,” Hermida has become obsessed with all “Star Wars” films. The singer has a tattoo of the movie actors on his left leg, as he has become so enthralled with the plot that he has become enamored with them.

Eddie Hermida

He disclosed that his left tibia and leg would be devoted to the Star Wars films, citing Liam Neeson and Samuel L. Jackson as examples of actors already featured on his body.

  1. He anticipated a negative response to the band’s release of “Suicide Silence”

Hermida grew weary of the adoration of his followers and informed Ross Robinson that he desired to be despised. At that time, according to the singer, every band sounded identical and was adored for it. Therefore, he attempted to distinguish himself by doing something that would enrage the band’s audience.

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