10 Facts You Need to Know About David Silveria!

In this article, we will discuss some of the unexpected aspects of David Silveria’s existence. These ten short facts will help us understand the artist’s lifestyle.

10 Facts About David Silveria You Didn’t Know

David Silveria is best known as the former percussionist of Korn, a band he played for from 1993 to 2006. He departed to address some health issues, but the band would not let him back in when he attempted to return.

Courts were involved in their acrimonious breakup, but they eventually resolved their differences. Since then, the percussionist has joined several other groups, such as Infinika and CORE 10. Currently, he is a member of Breaking in a Sequence (B.I.A.S), whose EP was released in January 2021.

  1. He enjoys the restaurant industry

Shannon, the ex-wife of the percussionist, was a waitress at a restaurant in Huntington Beach, as reported by The Orange County Register. Later, she quit her job and established a sushi-focused restaurant with her husband called Tuna Town. Unfortunately, the couple divorced, and Silveria sold Shannon his half interest in the restaurant.

  1. He had his wife’s first name tattooed on his back

It’s remarkable what love can inspire. Silveria never imagined he would divorce his wife; the couple had been married for four years and Silveria had Shannon’s name inscribed on his back. Since they are no longer together, he may have discarded it.

  1. His Opinion Regarding Korn Creating Nu-Metal Music

Each band strives to be distinct and forge new paths. Black Sabbath, for instance, is the pioneer of heavy metal, a distinction they continue to take delight in. Korn, on the other hand, is credited with creating a new musical genre. Nonetheless, Silveria does not feel entitled to these credits.

  1. Since Leaving, He Has Not Listened to Korn Music

Since Silveria’s departure from Korn in 2006, he has never listened to any of the group’s newly released compositions. He clarified that it was not out of malice, but rather because he had lost interest in their activities since his departure.

David Silveria

Therefore, he turns off the radio whenever a Korn song plays. As a consequence, he has no opinion about any of the new Korn songs; he can only comment on how others have described them.

  1. At age 13, he made his professional debut

Silveria began playing the drums at age nine, and he explained that music became a fixation due to the lack of activities in Bakersfield, where he grew up.

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He left a message on their answering machine when he learned that Brian Welch, James Shaffer, and Reginald Arvizu were seeking a drummer for their ensemble. They returned to him and were surprised by Silveria’s proficiency despite her youth. Therefore, he joined them, and because he was unable to drive, his mother dropped him off.

  1. He broke two vertebrae in his back

Silveria, according to Blabbermouth, shattered two bones in his back while working out. He didn’t think it was severe and took pain relievers for nearly a year before discovering there was something wrong. The drummer’s back has been broken for a year and a half, according to another physician. He couldn’t move more than 50 feet without stopping for a three-minute break.

  1. He believes his drumming abilities are unrivaled

Despite the fact that Silveria does not listen to recent Korn music, he believes Ray Luzier cannot equal his abilities. As a result, the ex-Korn drummer disclosed on his Facebook page that he was crucial to the sound of the original Korn group. Silveria went on to say that he doesn’t have to listen to Korn music to know that it can’t compete with the funky and groovy music they made when he was still a member.

  1. He sued Korn for his rightful profit share

Silveria stated that he took a break and expected to be welcomed back with open arms when he decided to rejoin the band in 2013. But, the band members were unwilling, so the drummer filed a lawsuit, asking the judge to order the band to reveal how much money they had made since he departed.

  1. He was irritated that Korn had accepted Welch’s return

Silveria was upset that the band would not accept him back, but they did accept Welch, according to Metal Injection.

David Silveria

He must have felt betrayed by Welch since the drummer phoned the guitarist, telling him that they should both approach Korn to be allowed back in, but Welch refused to rejoin. Welch returned to Korn less than a year later, but the band members refused to let Silveria back in, despite Welch’s disparaging comments about the band.

  1. The Reason He Left Korn

Silveria needs a vacation from performing with Korn after breaking his back. Regrettably, the hiatus turned out to be a permanent leave, which he blamed on a lack of communication among band members. They had grown so far apart that he had no motivation to return. Nonetheless, even before leaving the band, Welch admitted that the members were feuding.

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