The Top 10 All-time Best Kevin Gates Songs!

American-born Kevin Jerome Gilyard is better known by his stage name, Kevin Gates. He started his career in the latter part of the 2000s. But given that he spent the majority of the intervening years in prison, it is not surprising that he did not start to make a significant breakthrough until the early 2010s.

Despite this, Gates picked up rapping again as soon as he was let out of jail, which allowed him to steadily grow his fan base. He has now established himself as a well-known artist and has created a significant body of work throughout the course of his career.

He also often publishes new songs, which is another example of his remarkable musical talent. These are, in our opinion, the top 10 tracks by Kevin Gates that have been released thus far:

1. I Don’t Get Tired

Kevin Gates wrote the well-known song “I Don’t Get Tired” in 2014. August Alsina, another rapper, is featured on the tune, which was created by The Featherstones.

The words of the song speak to Gates’ grit, resolve, and work ethic as he raps about his drive to succeed and his readiness to put in the necessary effort to meet his objectives.

For many fans, the catchy chorus “I don’t get tired, I don’t give up, I’m a soldier” has taken on the meaning of a motivational anthem. One of Gates’ biggest singles, “I Don’t Get Tired,” established him as a rising star in the rap genre.

2. Really Really

Popular Kevin Gates song “Really Really” from the album “Islah” was released in 2016. The song has a great instrumental with exuberant, energetic lyrics that hit strongly. In the song, Gates raps on his achievements, his will to succeed in the face of challenges, and his reluctance to let anyone get in his way.

Gates’ fans’ favorite line and catchphrase is the chorus, “I’m really really out of my mind, I’m really really making time.” The financial success of “Really Really” contributed to Gates’ renown as one of the most well-liked rappers of his generation. One of Gates’ most popular videos, the song’s music video has had over 400 million views on YouTube.

3. 2 Phones

Kevin Gates’ 2015 single “2 Phones” was taken from his album “Islah,” which included the hit tune. Gates raps about his life and the two phones he always has on him—one for personal usage and one for business—in the upbeat song, which has a catchy hook and a straightforward but powerful beat.

As he raps about his goal to make money and his readiness to put in the effort to succeed, Gates’ hustling mindset is demonstrated in the song’s lyrics.

It peaked at number 17 on the US Billboard Hot 100 list and became one of Gates’ most well-known songs. “2 Phones” was a financial success. With more than 400 million views on YouTube, the song’s music video has solidified its place as a fan favorite.


In his 2019 album “I’m Him,” Kevin Gates has a song called “PTOE.” The lyrics of the song, which has the working title “Pushing Through Of Everything,” focus on Gates’ challenges and will to persevere amid trying circumstances.

In the song, Gates raps on his past difficulties with addiction and his resolve to overcome them over a slow, introspective instrumental with his trademark expressive delivery. Gates’ tenacity and will to succeed are highlighted in the chorus, “I keep pushing through everything, I keep pushing through everything.”

Critics gave “PTOE” favorable reviews, with many applauding Gates’ honesty and sensitivity in his songs. The song exemplifies Gates’ development as a musician as he tackles increasingly contemplative and intimate themes in his work.

5. Me Too

Kevin Gates’ 2016 album “Islah” contains the song “Me Too,” which he wrote. In the song, Gates raps on his achievements and his detractors with his trademark abrasive style over a hard-hitting beat.

In the song, Gates extols his success and his capacity to shrug off detractors, saying that “the only way they’ll stop me is dead in my grave.” Gates’ supporters can still relate to him despite his wealth and celebrity, as evidenced by the chorus, “Me too, me too, I’m just like you.”

With over 200 million YouTube views and becoming one of Gates’ most well-known songs, “Me Too” was a commercial hit. Due to its memorable choruses and uplifting lyrics, the song has become a fan favorite and a mainstay of Bill Gates’ live appearances.

6. Hard For

Some musicians continuously release music that is essentially the same. As long as individuals find enjoyment in it, there is nothing wrong with that. The issue is. Because so many individuals don’t, excessive consistency is frequently regarded as dull and uninteresting.

Fortunately, Gates isn’t one of these musicians because he’s constantly coming up with new ideas and innovations for his music.

For instance, the song “Hard For” uses an acoustic guitar, which has a particular sound that isn’t typically associated with hip-hop. Even more, Gates expertly incorporated the sound into his song, elevating it above the level of a novelty.

7. Out the Mud

As was stated earlier, Gates publishes brand-new stuff on a consistent basis. Given all of this, curious people ought to be able to deduce that he is a very diligent and hard-working individual.

In his autobiography, “Out of the Mud,” Bill Gates brags about possessing this particular trait, which he appears to believe was a significant factor in his accomplishments.

If someone is putting forth a lot of effort into anything, they could certainly do a lot worse than putting on this music.

8. Time For That

American rapper Kevin Gates’ 2016 single “Time For That” was taken from his album “Islah.” As Gates muses about a former love and his choice to end it, the song has a pleasant beat and a distinctive melodic flow.

Gates sings about realizing it’s time to let go and go on with his life after previously focusing on his ex-partner and the issues in their relationship. He underlines that he is now focused on his own achievement and improvement and that he has no interest in rekindling the relationship or obsessing about the past.

Kevin Gates’ song “Time For That,” which peaked at number 72 on the US Billboard Hot 100 list and received millions of streaming and views across all platforms, became a smash. One of Gates’ most well-known songs to date, its realistic message of moving on from unhealthy relationships has found an audience.

9. Big Gangsta

American rapper Kevin Gates’ song “Big Gangsta,” which was taken from his album “I’m Him,” was released as a single in 2019. As Gates proclaims his authority and toughness as a “big gangsta,” the song has a hard-hitting tempo and harsh lyrics.

In the song, Gates raps on his street cred and reputation as a gangster, outlining his prior involvement in crime and violence. He also brags about his accomplishments in the music business and his capacity for meeting any hurdles that may arise.

In “Big Gangsta,” Gates repeatedly underlines his desire to succeed and his readiness to take chances in order to realize his ambitions. Asserting that he is a force to be reckoned with, he also confronts his detractors and those who have doubts about him.

With its emphasis on Kevin Gates’ forceful flow and self-assured personality, “Big Gangsta” has grown to be a fan favorite. Millions of people have listened to and viewed the song, solidifying Gates’ status as one of the best rappers in the industry.

10. Satellites

American rapper Kevin Gates’ 2013 track “Satellites” was taken from his mixtape “The Luca Brasi Story.” As Gates considers his life and his memories growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the song has a calm and melodic beat. Gates discusses his battles with poverty, violence, and the drug trade in his community in the song.

He talks about how he used to feel helpless and confined, but that he eventually discovered a way to overcome those feelings and become a successful rapper.

Gates employs the image of satellites throughout “Satellites” to describe his ascent to popularity and his capacity to communicate with followers all around the world. He also considers the value of loyalty and family, highlighting the relationships he has developed with people who have helped him along the way.

One of Kevin Gates’ most well-known songs, “Satellites,” features his reflective lyrics and distinctive cadence. Gates’ reputation as one of the most prestigious and influential rappers in the game has been cemented by the song’s millions of streaming and views across numerous platforms.

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