10 Surprising Things You Need to Know About Bee Gees!

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most startling facts regarding Bee Gee’s life. These ten simple facts will assist us to learn about the artist’s lifestyle.

10 Facts About The Bee Gees

So far, all we really know about the Bee Gees is that they all had great hair and teeth, they created the soundtrack for ‘Saturday Night Fever‘ (and thus were responsible for the best dance track in history), they were Australian (sort of), they were all related to one another, and the lead singer sung in a voice that frequently sounded like he’d had an unfortunate meeting between the trouser department and a workshop vice.

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  1. Staying Alive,  Instead, Paint Free

Few people are aware that one of the Gibb brothers (the late Maurice) was a superb paintball player. He was so taken with the sport that he founded his own team, dubbed “The Royal Rat Rangers,” in honor of the CBE he had received for his contributions to entertainment.

  1. You Should Be Dancing Instead of Drinking

Unfortunately, Maurice took a liking to and excelled at more than simply paintballing. According to some who knew him, he was also somewhat addicted to booze for a time. During this time, he was married to Scottish music diva Lulu.

Maurice’s frequent drinking eventually cost him his marriage to Lulu, albeit this was not necessarily the lowest moment in his drink-affected life.

  1. The Bee Gees were influenced by the Beatles, but not in a good way

One in particular, and in relation to his leisure activities. Following on from the previous point, it is widely accepted that John Lennon was responsible for introducing Maurice Gibb to his first alcoholic beverage, having purchased him a whiskey and coke.

  1. Wish You Weren’t Here

Another of those gems you hear about pop singers every now and then (especially in the era of Google) revolves on the Bee Gees living in an airport. Yep, a real airport. Here is where planes take off and land.

Bee Gee

When the Gibb siblings arrived in Brisbane (by airplane from Manchester), they were assigned to one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods, Cribb Island. Which was quickly demolished and replaced by what became Brisbane Airport. So when I said they lived at an airport, it wasn’t in the Tom Hanks sense, but it’s still a nice story.

  1. Literally, staying alive!

The late Robin Gibb, the youngest of the three Gibb siblings, escaped what is regarded as the UK’s sixth deadliest railway tragedy.

In 1967, he was traveling with his fiancée, Molly, on a Sunday evening express service from Hastings to London when carriages collided with a bridge, causing the train to derail.

  1. He Was a Firestarter, A Perverse Firestarter

Robin Gibb was placing lives IN DANGER when he was not attempting to save his own and his soon-to-be lives. wife’s Before his family emigrated to Australia, he was an unruly child growing up in 1950s Manchester.

Robin used to set garments and advertising hoardings on fire with matches for no apparent reason, according to the sad tale that has been told repeatedly over the intervening years.

  1. Did Robin Initiate a Joke?

This time, however, we learn how, at the age of 19, the youngest of the Gibb triumvirate decided he wanted to make a film titled “Family Tree” about a man with an underwear device. In my opinion, this suggests that he, too, had been spending too much time with The Beatles prior to the publication of their ‘Yellow Submarine‘ album. Consider it a hypothesis.

  1. They Prevail Once Again

Back in 1978, the Bee Gees’ record sales represented a staggering 2% of the entire record industry. This astounding statistic was published in the book Yes! Yeah! Yeah! : The Story of Pop Music.

Bee Gee

In essence – and by counting on my fingers – this meant that one out of every fifty dollars spent in the record industry in 1978 was spent on Bee Gees products. And when considering the overwhelming size of the global recording industry, this is an astounding accomplishment.

  1. How Intimate Is Your Love? Well, It Must Have Been Extremely Deep If an Allergic Reaction Was Risked

The Bee Gee’s highly anticipated sixth album, Odessa, was published in 1969. Aside from the fact that the ornate packaging material caused allergic reactions at the factory where the LP was pressed, nothing stands out about this.

  1. Once the Night Fevers Had Gone…..

Sadly, by the beginning of the 1980s, ‘disco‘ had become a dirty term, and the Bee Gees’ popularity appeared to be on the decline. However, although they may have initially resigned themselves to this depressing notion, the exact opposite transpired. Okay, the Bee Gees have disappeared from the camera, but they haven’t traveled very far.

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