10 Surprising Facts You Need to Know About Alice in Chains!

We’ll talk about a few of the unexpected facts regarding Alice In Chains’ existence in this article. These ten simple facts will give us a better understanding of Alice In Chains.

Ten Facts About Alice In Chains

one of the best bands to come out of the grunge period in Seattle. The history behind Alice In Chains’ seminal second album Dirt includes riots, shattered limbs, and firings.

It’s possible that Pearl Jam’s Ten was more popular, Soundgarden’s Superunknown more experimental, and Nirvana’s Nevermind more seismic. But none of the bands who comprise the Big Four of Grunge ever released an album as monumental and horrifying as Dirt, Alice in Chains’ masterpiece from 1992.

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  1. Alice in Chains’ stage name at the start of 1988 was F*ck

According to Layne Staley, “We weren’t getting any work anyhow, so we figured it wouldn’t damage us,” he said in an interview. Condoms with FUCK (the band) stickers would be distributed by the band. Soon after, they adopted the name of a band that Jerry Cantrell had previously been in, Diamond Lie, as the new band name. Layne Staley’s former band, Alice N’ Chains, gave rise to the name Alice in Chains.

  1. Layne Staley is thought to have passed away exactly eight years after Kurt Cobain

On April 19, 2002, Layne Staley’s apartment contained his body. His mother Nancy and her husband broke into his flat with the police and discovered his death there. Mike Starr, a bandmate and his closest friend, was the last person to see him alive.

  1. Layne Staley foresaw his demise

In one of his last interviews, Staley stated, “I know I’m close to death. I used heroin and crack for many years. I never intended to pass away in this manner. I’m aware that I’m hopeless. It’s past due.

Alice In Chains

He said, “Drugs worked for me for years, and now they’re turning against me, and I’m walking through hell,” in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine in 1996. He slept, watched TV, and played video games on his final days alone.

  1. Nine Grammy nominations were made for Alice in Chains

In 1992, they received their first nomination for “Man in the Box,” a song from the album Best Hard Rock Performance. In 1993, the album “Dirt” received a nomination in the same category.

Between 1995 and 2011, six more tracks received nominations, while the album “The Devil Placed Dinosaurs Here” received a nomination for Best Engineered Album (Non-Classical) in 2014.

  1. Jerry Cantrell frequently takes lengthy hunting expeditions

They took a few weeks breaks in November before the tour started in Memphis when Alice in Chains and Van Halen were on the road together in 1991. AIC missed the performance because Cantrell was on a hunting trip and overlooked the fact that November only had 30 days. Columbia Records provided him with a calendar so he could make sure it didn’t happen again.

  1. ‘Sea of Sorrow’ was intended to be the first music video released by AIC

Thad Byrd had the notion to self-produce the first Alice in Chains music video for “Sea of Sorrow” in 1989. Thad had previously met Layne Staley when he cast him in a small role in the film Father Rock.

Alice In Chains

Jerry imagined a spaghetti western featuring a brothel of prostitutes and a firefight in a saloon. Unfortunately, Thad’s family persuaded him that the video would not be profitable, and he ceased production.

  1. Several Alice in Chains members have appeared in films

They were featured in Cameron Crowe’s 1992 romantic comedy Singles alongside Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Heart, among others. Surprisingly, the film was filmed prior to the international explosion of Seattle bands. AIC drummer Sean Kinney recalls the band’s surprise upon learning that Crowe was creating a film about the Seattle music scene.

  1. Mike Inez inscribed in marker “Friends don’t let friends get friends haircuts” on his acoustic bass during their MTV Unplugged performance.
  2. Sean Kinney played percussion on ‘Facelift’ with a broken hand

I removed my cast in the studio and kept an ice bucket by the percussion set. I tried not to repeat that mistake: ‘Your first major opportunity, and you blow it.’

  1. The band has approximately thirty unreleased instrumental recordings

Toby Wright, the producer of AIC’s self-titled album, verified that roughly 20 to 30 instrumental tracks were recorded in the past. These instrumental recordings were never used again on any Alice in Chains or Jerry Cantrell solo album.

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