10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Will Ramos!

Will Ramos: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

Will Ramos, have you heard of him? Perhaps you are aware that he is the vocalist for Lorna Shore, a death metal band that has had its fair share of controversy. There are a lot of things about Ramos that you probably don’t know about him, and ten of them are listed below.

  1. He was a trial member of the band

One of the scandals surrounding Lorna Shore is the departure of its lead vocalist, CJ McCreery, in the middle of a tour. Because they were traveling in Berlin at the time, the band was trying to locate a replacement.

Will Ramos, the person who stepped in to do a few live performances in McCreery’s absence, enters the picture. That isn’t the easiest thing to do, but he didn’t appear to have too much trouble with it.

  1. He was literally thrown into the fire

Ramos was unquestionably thrown into the fire when he was asked to fill in as lead vocalist. No matter what band you’re talking about, replacing a lead vocalist in any capacity is a difficult undertaking.

  1. He is unconcerned about what others think of him

Another factor that possibly helps him stay calm in these situations is that he has never given much thought to what other people say. In reality, he doesn’t care what other people think of him.

  1. He works effectively under duress

Here is where people discovered how well he performed under pressure. In fact, he tends to perform better under pressure than he does when everything is going swimmingly.

Will Ramos

When he knows the chips are down and he needs to perform well or everything will fall apart, he is at his best.

  1. He is not constantly motivated

He admits to not always being the most motivated guy in the room. It all comes back to the idea of doing well under pressure for him. While everything is moving at a fairly steady speed, he is less than inclined to get involved.

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He admits to being a bit of a procrastinator. He doesn’t discover creative drive until he knows he really has to since it’s the eleventh hour and he no longer has an option.

  1. He enjoys debate

He enjoys a certain bit of controversy, without a question. In actuality, he’s become rather accustomed to it. Only when you stop and consider it does it make sense. This genre of music frequently sparks a great deal of debate on its own.

As a result, during the course of his playing career, he has presumably grown accustomed to people’s responses. He believes that some controversy is beneficial because it means that people are talking about you, which eventually draws more attention to you.

  1. He accepts everything calmly

This sort of ties back to his lack of motivation to act until the situation is dire. Will claims that he tends to accept everything as it comes and understands that things change.

  1. He even has a YouTube channel of his own

He even has a YouTube page where he regularly posts content, including songs from the band, as another method to communicate with followers.

Will Ramos

He claims it’s yet another avenue for him to communicate and build relationships, particularly with individuals who he doesn’t always have the opportunity to see in person.

  1. He is aware that it is all a performance

He claims to be well aware that everything is ultimately just a big performance. He acknowledges that in order to keep people interested during their performances, the band occasionally stirs up controversy. Death metal bands have a particular attitude that has become the norm, and Lorna Shore fits into it wonderfully.

  1. He engages with his followers

He engages with his fans frequently, both on social media and in person at performances, despite the fact that he doesn’t really allow himself to get carried away by any of this. He acknowledges the value of engaging with fans and claims to like doing so because it allows him to communicate with a variety of people.

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