The Ultimate Guide to Whitney Houston’s Best Album!

There are a significant number of people in our world who believe that Whitney Houston is one of the most talented vocalists to have emerged during the 20th century.

She still holds the record for the female solo artist who sold the most physical singles, thus it is safe to say that she was one of the most successful in terms of commercialization.

Something that might continue to be the case for a very significant portion of the future. Despite this, Whitney Houston published a total of seven studio albums, all of which were certified gold, platinum, or diamond upon their initial release. Nevertheless, there were some of them that were superior to others.

1. Whitney Houston

In general, artists improve their skills over the course of their careers as they amass greater and greater levels of experience in the medium in which they work. On the other hand, it is not unheard of for them to find success with their very first release, which is something that one may claim occurred for Houston.

Simply put her debut album, which bore her name(Whitney Houston), was incredibly well put together. It featured amazing vocals, outstanding songwriting, and outstanding production, among other outstanding qualities. Due to the fact that it was so good, Houston was able to firmly establish her reputation throughout a whole generation with just a single release.

2. My Love Is Your Love

Houston’s fourth studio album, My Love Is Your Love, apparently didn’t perform as well in the US as her past efforts. When one knows that it somehow managed to go four times platinum in the United States, however, that kind of description loses a lot of its impact.

However, it’s interesting to note that despite My Love Is Your Love’s poor performance in the US, it made up for it by being more well-liked in Europe and the rest of the world.

Overall, this album is what might be described as dependably outstanding, which isn’t always the case, not even for the best artists out there.

3. Whitney

Since Whitney is Houston’s second album, it comes right before I’m Your Baby Tonight. Many musicians encounter difficulties with their sophomore albums. Houston, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to have been one of them.

This is so because Whitney was incredibly popular both critically and commercially. In fact, it includes some of her most well-known tracks, which makes sense given that five of the songs on it made it to the Billboard Hot 100’s top ten.

Most musicians battle throughout their entire careers to get that kind of position even once. Don’t worry about accomplishing it five times with a single studio album.

4. I’m Your Baby Tonight

As they get more and more successful, it is typical for artists to have an increasing amount of influence over their creative process. I’m Your Baby Tonight is a prime illustration of this pattern. For those who don’t know, Houston had a very pop-oriented beginning.

The majority of the content on her first two studio albums, however, was not of her choice because the record label made those decisions for her. By the time Houston released her third studio album, she had amassed enough power to choose the type of music she wanted to put out.

As a result, I’m Your Baby Tonight—while still being a pop album—became one of Houston’s more varied releases, fusing influences from both R&B and funk. The album’s quadruple-platinum status in the US is evidence that the outcome was a huge success.

5. I Look to You

I Look to You, which is related, was also eagerly awaited. Since it was Houston’s first studio release that wasn’t a holiday since 2002, it can be said to be a sort of comeback album.

Subject-wise, given the significant gap in time between her fifth and seventh studio albums, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that I Look to You was impacted by a good deal of the things she had gone through during that time. Something that made it distinctive.

However, the album has many problems. Houston was very much being Houston, which led to a better outcome than what would have happened from following trends carelessly. Sadly, there was obvious evidence that degeneration was beginning.

6. Just Whitney

Houston’s fifth studio album is titled Just Whitney. Its release at the time generated a lot of curiosity. This is because Houston, who at the time had the biggest recording deal for a female singer, signed a $100 million recording deal with Arista Records in 2001.

As a result, there was a lot of natural curiosity about whether Houston’s future release would turn out to be beneficial or not. More than 2.5 million copies of Just Whitney were ultimately sold.

A figure that ought to immediately indicate how successful it has been. Even yet, even if this Houston album was always good, it was never able to match the caliber of its contemporaries.

7. One Wish: The Holiday Album

The list of Houston’s studio albums occasionally omits this album. After all, the record is precisely what it sounds like—a holiday album. As a result, it isn’t what most people think of when they consider studio albums.

Between Just Whitney in 2002 and I Look to You in 2009, Houston’s sixth studio album, Still, One Wish: The Holiday Album, was released in 2003. The album’s songs are Houston’s renditions of traditional Christmas songs, which have received both positive and unfavorable reviews.

Some people liked how she sang those songs, but others thought that her vocal performance on this album was below par compared to other vocal performances she had made.

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