10 Things You Don’t Know About The Cure!

We’ll talk about a few of The Cure’s unexpected qualities in this piece. We may learn more about the all-time favorite band with the aid of these ten simple facts.

Ten things you should know about The Cure

You probably already know that the Cure, which formed in the late 1970s and peaked in the late 1980s and early 1990s, right when alt-rock started to dominate the radio, is one of the greatest bands in contemporary rock history.

They only had one song enter the Top 10, though, did you know that? It is one of the 10 Facts About the Cure You Didn’t Know.

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  1. The only member who has remained the same is Robert Smith

The Cure is a band that almost 20 different artists may list on their resumes. But only Robert Smith, the band’s leader, has played on each and every Cure record since the group’s official debut in 1976.

  1. When Robert Smith was thirteen, a young version of the band performed at their first concert

Future Cure members Lol Tolhurst and Mick Dempsey established the Obelisk while Smith was a pupil at Sussex, England’s Notre Dame Middle School, and they performed at one concert in 1973.

  1. Siouxsie and the Banshees featured Robert Smith on the guitar

Following the release of their debut album, the Cure toured as Siouxsie and the Banshees’ opening act. Smith stood in for the Banshees‘ departing guitarist before appearing on a few of their records.

  1. They included a sticker with their first single stating that they weren’t racists

Killing an Arab,’ the Cure’s 1978 debut track, is inspired on Albert Camus’ ‘The Stranger. Yet because some people misinterpreted it, a sticker explaining that the band was not racist was put on the single.

  1. When Robert Smith was 14 he first met his wife

Smith was 14 when he first met his wife, Mary Poole. They shared a theatre class in school.

In 1988, they got hitched. She plays the ghostly dance partner to Smith in the “Just Like Heaven” music video.

  1. Their debut album in the United States was essentially a Robert Smith solo album

The Cure’s fifth album, “The Top,” was entirely written and performed by Smith (drums and saxophone were the exceptions). It was the group’s first album to enter the American charts, peaking at position 180.

  1. They Like Vintage Rock

The Cure covered the Doors’ ‘Hello, I Love You‘ (from a 1990 record commemorating their label’s 40th anniversary) and the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s ‘Purple Haze‘ for a Hendrix tribute album in 1993.

  1. ‘South Park’ Star Robert Smith

Smith portrayed an animated version of himself in a 1998 episode of ‘South Park,’ where he morphs into a huge moth to fight an oversized Barbra Streisand who is attempting to destroy the town.

  1. They only made the top ten once

You may know every line to every Cure song, but only ‘Lovesong‘ made the Top 10, peaking at No. 2. Only two more tracks, ‘Just Like Paradise‘ and ‘Friday I’m in Love,’ charted.

  1. Their record label predicted that their breakthrough album would fail

The Cure’s record label was convinced that the extended, druggy dirges on their 1989 album ‘Disintegration‘ would doom the band’s career. However, it became their first smash single and bestselling LP.

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