10 Things You Need to Know About Taxstone!

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most unusual aspects of Taxstone’s life. These ten simple facts will assist us to learn about the artist’s lifestyle.

10 Surprising Facts About Taxstone

Life may go in any direction in the blink of an eye, as Daryl Campbell, aka Taxstone, knows firsthand. Taxstone gained to notoriety on Twitter in the early 2010s as a result of his outspoken attitude and willingness to speak anything was on his mind. His Twitter fame ultimately spilled over into the real world, where he met a slew of celebrities, mainly rap singers.

  1. He is of Afro-Latino descent

Taxstone is a loyal Brooklynite, yet his ancestors originated in Central America. Taxtone stated in an August 2015 tweet that his family came to the United States from Honduras. He did not, however, provide any other information about when they arrived.

  1. He is still on social media

If you unfollowed Taxstone following his arrest because you expected his social media accounts would be inactive, you should reconsider. Taxstone is still active on Instagram and Twitter despite his imprisonment. In addition, he is still recording Tax Season episodes from Rikers Island.

  1. He has managed artists

Taxstone is the type of individual that has always been focused on his business and knows just how to discover profitable possibilities. Despite abandoning his own music career, he has handled several musicians, including Manolo Rose, a New York-based rapper.


Regrettably, it appears that Manolo Rose’s career has stagnated in recent years, and Tax is unlikely to be his manager much longer.

  1. He Used To Be A Child Actor

Many people are unaware that Taxstone was already on his path to becoming a star long before he was known as Taxstone. He even appeared in the popular police program New York Undercover in the 1990s. Taxstone, on the other hand, never landed any substantial parts and eventually opted to retire from acting.

  1. He Used To Be A Rapper

Taxstone revealed to DJ Vlad that he used to rap in his earlier days, but it was never something he took seriously. Furthermore, after he understood that it was unlikely to earn him any money in the future, he opted to change lanes and try something new.

  1. He keeps his personal life relatively private

Taxstone may be well-known, but he has never been the sort to divulge every detail of his business dealings. He has actually been almost the complete opposite.

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He hasn’t disclosed many specifics about his private life beyond the essentials. It’s simple to understand why he’s chosen to adopt a more private approach given that we are all aware of how quickly things can go wrong when people overshare.

  1. He enjoys motivating others

Taxstone may appear to be a little rough around the edges, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t a good man on the inside. Taxstone genuinely enjoys utilizing his platform to lend a hand to others. He has also made it a point to utilize his voice to stand up for people who might not be able to speak for themselves since going to prison.

  1. He Is Not Concerned About Criticism

Taxstone stone can be many things, but it isn’t sensitive. He has never given a damn about what others may think of him.


With this attitude, he can say and do whatever he wants without worrying about negative consequences. This has been a terrific trait for his job, but it might not have been well received in other areas of his life.

  1. He has a blind eye

Taxstone used to spend a lot of time on the streets when he was younger, and that way of living had some drawbacks. “Mr. Campbell went blind in his left eye after being shot when he was younger; the rifle had been so close to him that it scorched his retina,” according to a New York Times report.

  1. He Contributed To Making The Song “Panda” Going Platinum

Taxstone enjoys introducing other listeners to the songs and musicians that he finds appealing as a music fan. In the 2010s, Taxstone had the ability to elevate music just by posting about it on social media.

When Desiigner, a rapper from Brooklyn, uploaded the song “Panda” on all of his social media platforms in 2016, Tax helped him garner a lot of attention. The song has since received a 5x platinum certification. Later, Desiigner signed a contract with GOOD Music, Kanye West’s record company.

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