Shay Mooney Weight Loss: How The Country Star Shed The Pounds!

The main vocalist of the country music group Dan + Shay, Shay Mooney, has drawn attention with his sudden weight loss. Fans have been interested in learning how he was able to lose weight and what lifestyle adjustments he did to make such a transformation.

Shay Mooney’s weight loss journey, including his diet and fitness regimen, as well as his inspiration for making a change, will be examined in more detail in this article. Read on to learn more, whether you’re a fan of country music or are just searching for some motivation to begin your own weight reduction journey.

Who is Shay Mooney?

Let’s first learn a little bit more about the country singer Shay Mooney before delving into her weight loss journey. In Natural Dam, Arkansas, Shay Mooney was born on December 27, 1991. In 2012, he and Dan Smyers formed the country duo Dan + Shay, which was the beginning of his musical career.

Since then, the team has put out four studio albums, the most recent of which was Good Things in 2021. They have collaborated with some of the biggest stars in music, like Justin Bieber and Kelly Clarkson, and have garnered numerous accolades, including several Grammy Awards.

Shay Mooney’s Weight Loss Journey

Fans have taken notice of country artist Shay Mooney’s sudden weight loss, which has garnered a lot of positive attention. Mooney has stated, in many interviews, that he started his path toward weight loss at the beginning of 2021 with the intention of enhancing his general health.

It is evident that he has made substantial adjustments to his lifestyle, even if he has not provided particular information regarding the diet and exercise program that he follows. Fans have praised Mooney for his determination and dedication to his health, and he continues to motivate others with the turnaround he has made.

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Motivation for Weight Loss

Shay Mooney claimed in an interview with People magazine that he was motivated to lose weight in part because he was worried about his health. He described how he had been suffering from sleep apnea, a disorder that disrupts breathing while you sleep and can result in various health issues.

Shay Mooney stated, “I was genuinely worried about my health. I used to wake up 30 times a night due to sleep apnea. Therefore, it was more along the lines of, “All right, I need to change for the best.

Shay Mooney disclosed that he was worried about his health as well as his desire to set a good example for his two young children. He said, “I want to be there for them. And I want them to witness how well-cared-for and healthy their father is.

Diet Changes

Shay Mooney’s diet was one of the largest lifestyle adjustments he made. He disclosed that he has eliminated dairy, sugar, and processed foods from his diet in an interview with People.

He said, “I just chose to eliminate all processed meals, dairy products, and sugar. It has been difficult, but experimenting with different recipes has also been somewhat enjoyable.

Shay Mooney now prioritizes eating full, wholesome meals like lean proteins, veggies, and fruits instead of processed stuff. Additionally, he makes an effort to avoid eating after midnight because he discovered that doing so exacerbated his sleep apnea.

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Exercise Routine

Shay Mooney altered his eating habits in addition to adding extra exercise to his daily schedule. He disclosed that he now exercises six days per week, mixing cardio and strength training.

“I started working out six days a week,” he claimed. I’ll combine weight training with cardio exercises like treadmill running.

As another method to get some exercise and spend time with loved ones, Shay Mooney mentioned that he likes to go on walks and treks with his family.


The lead singer of Dan + Shay, Shay Mooney, began his weight loss journey at the beginning of 2021 due to health reasons, particularly worries about sleep apnea. He cut off dairy, sugar, and processed food from his diet and concentrated on consuming whole, wholesome foods.

Additionally, he worked out six days a week, including cardio and weight training. Shay continues to motivate his followers and others considering a similar lifestyle change with his commitment to their own health and well-being. Don’t forget to bookmark our website Sacredsoulmusic for more articles like this and to leave your comments in the space below.

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