Scaling Heights: 10 Best Songs About Mountains!

A trip to the mountains is something wonderful. This is especially true if you reside in an urban location where there is a lot of activity and stress.

The mind is captured by a unique tranquility and sensation of amazement. Songs that take you there in your imagination are a great alternative if you can’t travel there physically.

You may completely appreciate the potent memories that are connected to these places if you were reared in an area with mountains all around you. Songs about the mountains become even more motivational as a result.

We are drawn to these scenic locations because they provide a place of rest and relaxation when we are worn out by city life’s bustle and congested streets. Here are the top 10 songs ever composed about mountains for your amusement.

1. Rocky Mountain High( John Denver )

If you’ve heard this song even once, there isn’t much to say about it. It pays homage to the freedom and high standard of living found in the Rocky Mountains.

John Denver had a talent for crafting songs that captured the rich, complicated feelings he had for his native Colorado and the Mountains. The way he brought things to life allowed the listeners to share their experiences.

It’s similar to going on a trip into the Rocky Mountains with him and a few close pals while sharing a little marijuana. Everyone is buzzed, but it may not necessarily be marijuana-related.

One can experience a natural high in the Rocky Mountains. This is my all-time favorite tune when it comes to mountain music. Today, it is still cherished and pertinent.

2. Country Roads( John Denver )

West Virginia is depicted in John Denver’s song “Country Roads.” “Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River” is the phrase that has the greatest impact.

It discusses the way of living there and how it is like home. As a parental and nourishing power for his spirit, the mountains are described by him.

Denver’s distinctive writing style makes it difficult to feel distant from home. With the visual of the mountains and their symbolic meanings of home, the care you receive from loved ones, and familiar surroundings, it becomes more intense.

3. Foggy Mountain Breakdown( Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs )

For those who are like bluegrass music, this was one of the most popular songs to come out in the late 1940s. The instrumental piece does not have any words linked with it, but there is no requirement for there to be any.

Mountain music in its most authentic and refined form can be found here. The banjo and the guitar are performed collaboratively by the masters. One of the songs that have stood the test of time and will likely continue to do so is “Foggy Mountain Breakdown.”

4. Half Moon Rising( Yonder Mountain String Band )

The American progressive bluegrass band Yonder Mountain String Band has a song called “Half Moon Rising.” The song was made available on the group’s 2003 album “Old Hands.”

The song incorporates electric guitar, drums, and the band’s distinctive mix of traditional bluegrass instruments with a contemporary touch.

The half moon is used as a symbol of the woman’s untamed personality in the lyrics, which describe the tale of a wild and free-spirited woman who rides a motorcycle and lives life on her own terms. “Half Moon Rising” is a crowd favorite and a mainstay of the band’s live performances thanks to its upbeat pace and resonant melody.

5. Rocky Mountain Way( Joe Walsh )

In 1973, Joe Walsh released the famous rock tune “Rocky Mountain Way.” Walsh’s distinctive slide guitar playing is heard throughout the song, which has become a mainstay of classic rock radio.

The song’s lyrics speak of a man’s desire to leave the city and travel to the Rocky Mountains in search of a more straightforward way of life. The song has been a favorite of rock fans for decades because of its catchy guitar melody and rousing pace.

Walsh’s song “Rocky Mountain Way,” which has been covered by a number of other musicians throughout the years, is frequently recognized as one of his greatest.

6. Blue Ridge Cabin Home( Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs )

This is a timeless bluegrass tune that was played by Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt, who are considered to be the two best musicians in the genre.

Those who are familiar with the region around the Blue Ridge Cabin Home will have an easy time understanding why people there desire to be buried in the mountains when they pass away.

Those who have spent their lives in the picturesque region, where life is quiet and uncomplicated, will always consider it to be their home.

7. Big Rock Candy Mountain( Harry McClintock )

Harry McClintock composed and sang the folk song “Big Rock Candy Mountain” for the first time in 1928. A hobo’s dream of heaven is described in the song, where “bucks are plentiful” and “liquor flows like wine.”

The lyrics provide a picture of a carefree land where bulldogs all have rubber teeth and the cops have wooden legs. The song touches on the terrible realities of life for many during the Great Depression despite its upbeat melody and humorous lyrics.

Since then, other singers have covered “Big Rock Candy Mountain,” which is regarded as a traditional American folk song.

8. Sugar Mountain( Neil Young )

Canadian musician Neil Young is the author of the song “Sugar Mountain.” It was first made available as a single in 1968, then in 1969, Young put it on his debut solo album, “Neil Young.”

The song is a sentimental look back at youth and the transient nature of time. The speaker of the song yearns to go back to his youth and the innocence and wonder of childhood, and the lyrics describe a lovely destination named Sugar Mountain.

The song has become a cherished classic and has been covered by numerous musicians over the years. Young frequently performs it live.

9. Rocky Top( The Osborne Brothers )

The Osborne Brothers first released the timeless country and bluegrass tune “Rocky Top” in 1967. The Appalachian Mountains and the state of Tennessee are honored in the song.

It was an immediate success and swiftly turned into the state’s unofficial anthem. For generations of country and bluegrass fans, the song’s catchy melody and cheerful speed, as well as the nostalgic and patriotic sentiments expressed in the lyrics, have made it a treasured song.

Since then, several singers have covered the song, and it is still a mainstay at Tennessee Volunteers football games and other events all around the state.

10. Mountain Music( Alabama )

Alabama is an American country music band, and its song is called “Mountain Music.” It was published in 1982 as the lead single from their eponymous album and was penned by band member Randy Owen.

The band members’ home region of the Appalachian Mountains, where the song is set, is honored through its traditional music and way of life.

It became one of the band’s anthems and is still a well-liked song today. In addition to topping the US Billboard Hot Country Songs list, “Mountain Music” also made it to the pop charts, where it peaked at number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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