Olivia Rodrigo’s Best Songs: A Look at the Teen Sensation’s Discography

With her powerful vocals and sincere songwriting, Olivia Rodrigo has emerged as a rising star in the world of music in a very short amount of time.

In this piece, we will go into the top 10 best songs by the amazing singer, assessing the emotive nature of her lyrics, the quality of her melodies, and the production value of her music.

In addition, we will rank the songs from best to worst. This list will, without a doubt, highlight the very best of Olivia Rodrigo’s repertoire, regardless of whether you are a die-hard lover of her music or a beginner to her sound.

1. Drivers License

Olivia Rodrigo’s debut single, “Driver’s License,” shot to the top of the charts all over the world and became an instant hit, making her a well-known figure in the music business.

The song’s raw emotional expression and the ability of the lyrics to connect with the listeners’ personal heartbreak experiences captivated listeners of all ages.

The song’s appealing melody, which is deceptively simple, and Rodrigo’s forceful voice highlight his talent as a singer and songwriter. Even today, “Driver’s License” remains one of her best-known and most well-known songs.

2. Deja Vu

“Deja Vu” by Olivia Rodrigo is an entrancing pop song that deceives the listener with its upbeat tune, as the words are quite moving. The tune digs into the feelings of hatred and envy that arise as a result of witnessing another person’s life progressing past a certain point.

The production value of the song is high, and Olivia’s vocal performance is particularly noteworthy. Listening to “Deja Vu” is a requirement for anyone who is a fan of Olivia’s work because it is a demonstration of her songwriting and musical ability.

3. Good 4 U

The song “Good 4 U” by Olivia Rodrigo is a high-energy pop-punk piece that demonstrates her range as a performer. The song is a standout in Olivia’s discography due to its frantic tempo and lyrics, which are both quite intense.

Because it is so catchy and easy to remember, the chorus has quickly become a fan favorite. In general, the song demonstrates Olivia’s talent for composing infectious, upbeat songs that leave listeners with an impression that stays with them for a long time.

4. Traitor

Olivia Rodrigo’s skill as a storyteller is well demonstrated in the tragic song “Traitor“. The song’s lyrics express the sentiments of betrayal and hurt that one goes through when a loved one breaks their heart.

Olivia gives a remarkable performance that allows listeners to identify with her through the use of simple production and emotionally driven language.

The tune “Traitor” from Olivia’s debut album has rapidly become a fan favorite and is a superb example of her capacity to express genuine emotions via music.

5. Brutal

The high-energy pop-rock song “Brutal” conveys the agony and despair of being a teen. The struggle of wanting to fit in with society’s standards while feeling like an outsider is depicted in the lyrics.

Olivia’s strong vocals are complemented by the melody’s energetic and appealing guitar riffs and drum beats. Olivia’s flexibility as an artist is demonstrated by this single, which stands out for its accessible message and divergence from her usual ballads.

6. Enough for You

The melancholy ballad “Enough for You” examines the agonizing experience of loving someone yet fearing that you are not good enough for them.

The lyrics are emotive, and the song has a great melody that goes along with it very well. It is a highlight track on Olivia’s album because the production is kept to a minimum, which allows Olivia’s vocals to take center stage.

7. Happier

The song “Happier” is a slow-burning ballad that demonstrates Olivia’s talent for writing emotionally charged lyrics. The lyrics of the song are about the pain of witnessing the happiness of an ex-lover with another person.

Because of its eerie melody and Olivia’s expressive voice, this song stands out among the others on the artist’s album.

8. 1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back

The sorrowful and reflective ballad “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back” explores the intricacies of a relationship. The music of the song is straightforward but effective, allowing the lyrics to take center stage.

The piece has a rawness that Olivia’s frightened and passionate vocals add, and the production is stunning and well done. This song is a notable piece on Olivia’s debut album since it demonstrates her creativity and skill as a songwriter.

9. Favorite Crime

The ballad “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back” is a moving and thoughtful song that explores the difficulties of a relationship. The song’s music is straightforward but effective, giving the lyrics the spotlight.

While the production quality is impressive and polished, Olivia’s vulnerable and emotive vocals give the song a rawness. As a noteworthy piece on her debut album, this song demonstrates Olivia’s creativity and skill as a songwriter.

10. Hope Ur Ok

Actually, “Hope Ur Ok” is a song by Olivia Rodrigo, and it can be found as one of the tracks on her debut album titled “Sour.”

She acknowledges that the person she cares about may be going through a challenging moment and offers her support in the form of an emotional ballad in which she shows her worry for the person and offers her support.


Finally, Olivia Rodrigo has rapidly elevated herself to the status of one of the most significant and well-liked young musicians in recent memory. She has won over fans all around the world with her evocative melodies, sympathetic words, and diverse vocal range.

Her diversity as an artist and the emotional depth she gives to her music is demonstrated by this list of her top 10 songs. These tracks are a must-listen and show why Olivia Rodrigo is an artist to watch in the future, regardless of whether you’ve been a fan for a while or are just getting into her style.

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