Nick Jonas’s Best Songs: Top 7 Tracks You Need to Hear

Do you adore Nick Jonas and his fantastic music? Nick has given us some of the most enduring pop hits in recent memory, from his early years as a Jonas Brothers member to his successful solo career.

No matter if you prefer his energetic pop songs or his heartfelt ballads, he is an accomplished musician with a distinctive sound. Nick Jonas’s Best Songs are covered in this post. Read on to learn more.

We will cover all the top songs that will have you singing and dancing along, from his early work with the Jonas Brothers to his solo hits. Let us start now!

1. Jealous

American singer-songwriter Nick Jonas’ 2014 single “Jealous” became a big smash. The song, which includes Jonas’ distinctive falsetto vocals over a catchy pop melody and is about the emotion of envy in a romantic relationship, is about that experience.

The song’s lyrics reveal Jonas’ nervousness over his girlfriend’s relationships with other men and his desire to be her only man.

The song was a commercial success, reaching its highest point on the US Billboard Hot 100 list at number seven because of its relatable premise and catchy chorus. One of Nick Jonas‘ most well-known and recognizable songs is still “Jealous.”

2. Chains

The lead single from American singer Nick Jonas‘ self-titled album was “Chains,” which was released in 2014. The song covers the idea of feeling imprisoned in a destructive relationship and has a darker, harsher tone than Jonas’ prior work.

The fight to escape from someone’s hold is described in the lyrics along with the sensation of being under their influence. Strong vocals and driving beats in the song nicely match the words’ sense of urgency and anxiety.

Nick Jonas‘ solo career was cemented with the critical and financial success of “Chains,” which peaked at number 13 on the US Billboard Hot 100 list.

3. Levels

American singer Nick Jonas‘ third studio album, “Last Year Was Complicated,” featured the single “Levels,” which was released in 2015. The song has a catchy chorus, an exuberant dance-pop rhythm, and falsetto vocals by Jonas.

The desire to advance a relationship and the sensation of being on a higher level with someone are both expressed in the lyrics. The song is a pleasant and uplifting track that is ideal for dancing because of its catchy rhythm and upbeat lyrics.

With a platinum certification and a top 40 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, “Levels” was a commercial success. It is still a favorite of the audience and a mainstay of Nick Jonas‘ live performances.

4. Find You

American musician Nick Jonas“Find You” was made available as a standalone single in 2017. The song has a throbbing beat, a tropical house vibe, and Jonas’ mellow vocals. The sense of being lost and looking for something or someone to fill a hole is described in the lyrics.

The catchy chorus and cheery rhythm of the song foster a contagious feeling of hope and optimism. With a gold certification and a top 40 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, “Find You” was a commercial triumph.

In the visually breathtaking music video for the song, Jonas travels into the desert in pursuit of a lost object. Nick Jonas fans continue to enjoy “Find You” as a song.

5. Introducing Me

American musician Nick Jonas‘ song “Introducing Me” is a track that appears in the Disney Channel original movie “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” from 2010. The song has an acoustic guitar melody over a cheerful and jovial pop track.

In the song’s lyrics, Jonas introduces himself to a potential love partner and divulges many eccentricities and traits about himself. Fans of the “Camp Rock” series love the song for its humorous tone and catchy tune.

Jonas’ songwriting and musical abilities, as well as his capacity to enchant audiences with his engaging attitude, are all on display in “Introducing Me.” For lovers of the Disney Channel period, the song serves as a nostalgic nostalgia and remains one of Jonas’ most well-known songs.

6. Numb

American musician Nick Jonas‘ third studio album, “Last Year Was Complicated,” featured the track “Numb,” which was released in 2016. The track has a gloomy, somber vibe and heartbreaking vocals from Jonas.

The battle to get over a breakup and the emotional numbness that follows are both depicted in the lyrics. The gloomy production and melancholy melody of the song perfectly match the words’ loneliness and desperation.

Jonas’ flexibility as a musician and his aptitude for tackling difficult and emotional issues in his music is on full display in “Numb.” Because of its honest timeesentation of heartbreak, the song has won praise from critics and continues to be a fan favorite.

7. Who I Am

The song “Who I Am” by American singer Nick Jonas was made available as a single in 2010 from his self-titled debut solo album. The tune has a positive pop-rock vibe with appealing guitar riffs and Jonas’ strong vocals.

Jonas’ quest for self-discovery and his desire to defy expectations and be true to himself are both expressed in the song’s lyrics. The song is a fan favorite and a well-liked anthem for anyone seeking to find their identity because of its inspiring message and contagious rhythm.

As Jonas makes his solo debut, “Who I Am” demonstrates his songwriting and musical abilities. The song is still a standout in Jonas’ catalog and shows his artistic development throughout time.


Nick Jonas has made a name for himself as a successful musician with a unique sound, to sum up. His top 7 songs, “Jealous,” “Chains,” “Levels,” “Find You,” “Introducing Me,” “Numb,” and “Who I Am,” demonstrate his range as a musician and his capacity to convey a variety of emotions through his music.

Nick has given us some of the most iconic pop hits in recent memory, from his early years as a member of the Jonas Brothers to his successful solo career.

His music continues to enthrall and inspire listeners everywhere. Do not forget to bookmark our website Sacredsoulmusic for more articles like this and to leave your comments in the space below.

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