10 Things You Need to Know About Miley Cyrus!

In this article, we will discuss some of the surprising aspects of Miley Cyrus’s existence. These ten short facts will help us understand the artist’s lifestyle.

10 facts about Miley Cyrus that you probably did not know

Here are the top ten interesting facts about Miley Cyrus; if you’re a devotee of hers, see how many of these you already know!

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  1. She attempted out for the role of Miley Stewart’s closest friend on “Hannah Montana”

According to Rolling Stone, Cyrus never intended to play the title character in “Hannah Montana.” She auditioned for the role of Lilly, Miley/closest Hannah’s friend, which ultimately went to Emily Osment.

  1. She reported coming out to her mother at 14 years old

Cyrus has stated that she identifies as pansexual, and in 2015 she told Paper magazine that her mother has accepted her sexual orientation since she came out to her at age 14.

“I recall telling [my mother] that I revere women differently. And she inquired as to its significance. I responded that I adore them. I adore them as much as I love boys “Cyrus said.

She went on, “And it was so difficult for her to comprehend. She did not wish for me to be condemned, nor did she wish for me to go to hell. However, she believes in me more than in any deity. I just requested her acceptance. She indeed has.”

  1. She established an organization called Happy Hippie Foundation

Happy Hippie’s mission, as stated on its website, is “to mobilize young people to combat injustice against homeless youth, LGBTQ youth, and other vulnerable populations.”

  1. She has Dolly Parton as a godmother

Dolly Parton has been friends with Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus, for decades, and she is also Miley’s godmother. Parton and Miley have collaborated numerous times and even performed a duet at the 2019 Grammy Awards. In 2015, she told Paper magazine that the country legend taught her “how to handle people with respect.”

  1. Elvis Presley is Cyrus’s primary musical influence

On an episode of the radio program in 2017, the “Zach Sang Show,” Cyrus stated, “Elvis Presley, the King, is my greatest source of inspiration. And style icon.” According to Billboard, Presley inspired her album “Younger Now,” specifically the music video for the title track.

  1. She has tachycardia, a cardiac ailment

Cyrus has written about her tachycardia, which causes her heart to beat faster. “My tachycardia is not life-threatening. It won’t hurt me, but it irritates me. “Onstage, there is seldom a moment when I am not thinking about my heart,” she said in her memoir “Miles to Go.” “MTV News reports.

  1. Trace Cyrus of Metro Station is her half brother

Trace Cyrus shares a mother with Miley, and he is also a musician. He co-founded the emo-electro band Metro Station, well known for their 2008 single “Shake It,” and now pursues a solo music career.

  1. Miley hasn’t always been her name

Her given name was Destiny Hope Cyrus before she legally changed it to Miley, based on her childhood nickname “Smiley.” In an interview with Piers Morgan, her father Billy Ray explained the origin of her name.

“… You know, Destiny Hope was her original name; I gave it to her before she was born because I had a vision. It seemed to me that it was her destiny to provide hope to the world “He stated.

  1. Her favorite VMAs costume is the one she wore in 2015

She stated in the September 2017 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine that her 2015 Video Music Awards ensemble was one of her greatest red-carpet looks to date. She also stated that her least favorite outfits include everything she wore between 2008 and 2013.

  1. She voiced a character named Mainframe, and director James Gunn expressed interest in casting her

I was watching ‘The Voice,’ and I thought she’s so charming, and her voice is amazing, she’s got the best voice,” the director told Sarah Scoop reporter Sarah Ruhlman. “Then I asked Kevin [Feige] what he thought of casting Miley Cyrus as Mainframe’s voice. He said, “Well, if you believe we can get her…” I persuaded her to do it.”

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