10 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Megadeth!

This article will go over some of the more startling aspects of Megadeth’s existence. These ten simple facts will assist us to learn more about the band.

10+ Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Megadeth

Megadeth is one of America’s most successful heavy metal bands, and there isn’t much that isn’t known about them — especially with frontman Dave Mustaine being mainly eager and able to reveal his every perspective and philosophy over the course of his long career.

Yet, we were forced to scour every nook of our Mega-storage bins for strange knowledge and forgotten tidbits in order to bring you 10+ Things About Megadeth You Probably Didn’t Know.

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  1. After being fired from Metallica, Dave Mustaine began his second effort at global dominance by working briefly in telemarketing.
  2. In an ideal world, Mustaine would have hired Diamond Head singer Sean Harris (of ‘Am I Evil?’ fame) to front Megadeth. Mustaine appeared on Diamond Head’s return album, ‘Death and Progress,’ ten years later.
  3. Megadeth’s early cover of Nancy Sinatra’s ‘These Boots Are Built for Walkin‘ was omitted from post-1995 LP pressings as the song’s original composer, Lee Hazlewood, judged it “vile and obscene.”
  4. Dave Mustaine created Megadeth’s endearing mascot, Vic Rattlehead. Vic was drawn for the ‘Peace Sells…’ record by artist Ed Repka, who has also worked with Death, Dark Angel, and Municipal Waste.
  5. An overzealous fan spray painted an airplane within the hangar used as a set during the video filming for “Wake Up Dead.”
  6. Chuck Behler, who played on ‘So Far, So Good… So What!’ in 1987, was elevated from his previous position as Gar Samuelson’s drum tech. Nicholas Menza then took over as Behler’s drum tech and eventually replaced him.
  7. The inspiration for ‘Rust in Peace‘ came from a bumper sticker that said, “May all your warheads rust in peace.”
  8. The Humane Society’s Genesis Award was given to the title track from ‘Countdown to Extinction‘ in 1993, recognizing excellent work in raising awareness of animal issues.
  9. During a 1993 tour with Aerosmith, Dave Mustaine was quoted as saying, “We don’t have much time to play since Aerosmith don’t have much time to live.” That was the end of that gig, to everyone’s amazement.
  10. Best-selling horror author Dean Koontz once authored a tongue-in-cheek biography for Megadeth, complete with a sardonic historical history and multiple Godzilla analogies.
  11. In a late-90s episode of The X-Files, Agent Moulder advised his partner Scully to “hide your Megadeth records.”
  12. Marty Friedman, the veteran Megadeth guitarist, used his Japanese language talents to reinvent himself as a popular television program host in Japan after leaving the band in 2000 and moving there in 2003.
  13. Dave Mustaine made a guest appearance on ‘The Drew Carey Show‘ in 1998, where he failed an audition to join Carey’s band.
  14. Dave later appeared on VH1’s short-lived ‘Rock & Roll Jeopardy,’ where he defeated George Clinton and Moon Unit Zappa. You are a wise man.
  15. A guy of many cameos, Dave also appeared as an arsonist named Torchy Thompson in an episode of the TV series ‘Black Scorpion‘ in 2001.

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