10 Interesting Things to Know About Meek Mill!

We will cover a few of Meek Mill’s unexpected characteristics in this essay. These ten simple facts will give us a better understanding of the artist’s way of life.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Meek Mill

If someone had told Meek when he was younger, “There is a light at the end of every tunnel,” he would have ignored it. He has been through hell and back, and perhaps he never imagined that one day he would be a major player in the music business. Let’s find out more about what brought Meek to his current position so that we can better understand how he is trying to improve both his life and the lives of others.

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  1. He Closed His Instagram Profile.

According to Complex, Meek Mill wants to be on real-life vibes because he is weary of all the capping. Meek canceled his Instagram account in April 2019 (it has since been restored), although he has continued to tweet.

  1. He Was 19 When He Had His First Arrest.

Pitchfork claims that Meek was jailed when he was just 19 and unprominent. After one and a half years, Judge Genece Brinkley found him guilty on seven counts involving drugs and firearms and sentenced him to 11 to 23 months in county jail and seven years of probation.

Judge Brinkley intended to give Meek the chance to stop dealing drugs and concentrate on his musical skills, therefore the punishment was less severe than the prosecutors had requested.

  1. He Founded an Initiative for Prison Reform With Jay Z.

Meek spoke candidly to CNN about his legal issues, claiming that the criminal justice system unfairly imprisons many black individuals who are innocent. Meek claimed that even though he was only 18 when he was jailed for carrying a gun, it was necessary since at least seven people per week were killed in his neighborhood.

Meek, who does not pay much attention to politics, even went so far as to applaud President Trump’s efforts to overhaul the criminal justice system on a bipartisan basis. 

  1. As a Battle Rapper, He Began His Musical Career.

According to Cheat Sheet, Meek’s first step was becoming a battle rapper, and they say a trip of a thousand miles begins with a single step. He tried to spread the word about his music by releasing mixtapes, and in 2004 he started a group named Bloodhoundz. His efforts were rewarded in 2008 when one mixtape, Flamerz, attracted the interest of prominent figures in the music business.

  1. Meek’s Passion for Hip Hop Was Ignited by His Uncle.

Everyone is driven to be who they are by something or someone, and for Meek, that was his uncle. Early encounters between Meek and his uncle, Grandmaster Nell, who was a pioneering disc jockey, led to Meek’s decision to pursue a career in music. 

  1. He Has a PUMA Endorsement Deal.

Meek was not interested in the PUMA sponsorship deal when it was offered to him by the German footwear maker. According to DJBooth, Meek would have preferred to wear Reebok.

It took his friend James to persuade him to accept the million dollars from PUMA and invest it. He realizes what he brings to the table now that he is promoting the brand and people are wearing the shoes.

  1. He Was in a Relationship With Nicki Minaj.

While Meek has been linked to various women, including K Michelle and Bernice Burgos, the relationship that drew the most attention was with Nicki Minaj, whom he began seeing after being released from prison in 2014. They were so close that Nicki hired Meek as her opening act for her 2015 global tour. Regrettably, they split up in 2017, albeit the grounds for the split were not disclosed.

  1. His Father Died When He Was Five Years Old.

Women nowadays choose to be single parents, but having to raise their children on their own because the father was murdered is a life-changing experience for the entire family. As he conveys his pain in the second stanza of his song “Traumatized,” Meek believes the person who denied him his father’s affection will have to pay.

  1. It Took Almost a Decade for Meek to Talk Again After His Father Died.

You might be wondering why Meek labeled his song “Traumatized,” but when you haven’t spoken in almost ten years, no term can better describe your situation.

His mother told Vibe that her son had scarcely spoken for ten years and spent his time in his room painting cartoons. The teenage hormones hit him hard when he was 15, and rap battles may have been the greatest way for him to express his sorrow.

  1. He Refused to Let His Family See Him in Prison.

Being separated from your family may be taxing, especially when you know you have no choice but to stay apart. While many people will go to any length to have family members see them in jail, Meek is an exception. Only his lawyers and a few close friends were allowed to see him while he was in prison.

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