Marvin Gaye’s Best Album: A Journey Through Soul!

During the brief span of his career, Marvin Gaye became a well-known American singer, songwriter, and record producer in addition to his other musical endeavors. In the course of his career, Marvin Gaye published a total of 25 albums, several of which played an important part in the development of the Motown sound.

He was one of the most well-known figures in the industry. A dispute with his father ultimately led to his death, which occurred a few days before he would have been 45 years old.

His father was the one who ended his life by shooting him, but his legacy will live on in the form of the records he left behind. The following chart ranks all 25 of his albums according to how well they’ve done with both fans and reviewers.

1. Let’s Get It On

Everywhere you turn, music reviewers and fans alike have ranked “Let’s Get It On” as one of the top five albums of all time. One of Marvin’s most successful songs was the one with the same name as the album.

1973 was the year that the album was released, just around the time that Gaye was churning out hit after hit after the smash.

Distant Lover,” along with “If I Should Die Tonight,” was one of his most successful singles released that year. The album debuted at number one on the R&B charts in the United States and finished with an overall ranking of number two.

2. What’s Going On

1971 was the year that “What’s Going On” was released. This album, much to the one released in 1973 titled “Let’s Get It On,” skyrocketed in popularity and peaked at number one on the US R&B charts.

It finished the year ranked sixth overall out of all albums released that year. This album clocks in at just over 35 minutes, making it a relatively brief listen.

3. In Our Lifetime

1981 was the year that “In Our Lifetime” was released. When it was originally made available to the public, it did not meet with the kind of success that they had anticipated.

It took some time, but eventually, it was acknowledged as a funk classic of the highest caliber. The album ultimately peaked at number 6 on the overall list in the United States.

4. Diana and Marvin

This album is a collaboration between two of the most successful artists working in the pop and R&B music scenes today. The album was initially distributed by the Motown label in the year 1973. This album includes a collection of duets performed by the two artists, each of which was nothing short of spectacular.

5. Marvin Gaye’s Greatest Hits

1976 was the year that saw the release of this album. In the charts of the United States, it peaked at position number seventeen at its highest point. The fact that it was ranked 44th overall among albums is significant enough to merit discussion. The album’s sales in the United States earned it the platinum certification.

6. You’re The Man

The month of March 2019 marked the month that this LP was made available via the Tamla label. As a further kind of homage to the performer, this collection of Marvin’s songs from their original releases is often considered to be among the finest ever assembled. Even though the album did not chart, it inspired a newfound interest in the band’s music, which led to a boom in sales.

7. Live in Montreux

In May of 2003, an updated version of this well-known live performance was made available by the Eagle label. The album captured some of the most memorable parts of Marvin Gaye’s live performance in Amsterdam in 1980 and included them here. Fans who appreciate thinking back on his silky smooth vocals, as well as his wide range of styles, we’re happy to hear that the album had a second release.

8. I Heard It Through The Grapevine

One of the most well-known songs by Marvin Gaye is included on this album, and it serves as the album’s title track. The album was released in 1968, during a time in Gaye’s career when he was at the pinnacle of his success. He was well on his way to achieving legendary status.

The album was released under the Tamla label in the soul genre, and it featured the song with the same name as the album, as well as “There Goes My Baby,” and “It’s Love I Need.”

9. MPG

In 1969, right as the decade of the 1960s was coming to a close, the album “MPG” was released. It included some of his most cherished soul and psychedelic soul tunes in addition to a good balance of R&B songs in its track listing.

The songs “That’s the Way Love Is” and “This Magic Moment,” both of which have been included in a variety of television ads, are considered to be among the album’s greatest.

10. Live At The London Palladium

The live album “Live at the London Palladium” was released by Tamla in March of 1977. In the United States, it debuted atop the R&B charts at the number one spot.

The album finished in third place in terms of its total ranking in the United States. It was also well-liked in a number of other regions of the world. When it comes to listening to music that is easy on the ears, this is a top pick.

11. Vulnerable

Posthumously, in 1997, the album “Vulnerable” was made available to the public. This collection featured some of his most well-known works, such as “She Needs Me” and “I Won’t Cry Anymore.”

It was issued by Motown Records under their label to appease the desires of Marvin’s devoted audience, which desired a gentle nudge in the direction of the gratifying experiences that can be had by listening to excellent jazz, soul, and R&B collections.

12. That Stubborn Kinda Fellow

One of the earliest CDs released by Marvin Gaye is titled “That Stubborn Kinda Fellow.” It was released in 1963 by the Tamla label, and it had a mixture of rock, soul, and R&B. This resulted in a nice blend of the genres, and it featured a good selection of songs that quickly became favorites among fans.

In 1963, “Soldier’s Plea,” “Pride and Joy,” and the song with the same title were three of the most popular songs. Despite the fact that it didn’t chart, this album was quite successful, and you can still find it being played on YouTube.

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