10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Marjorie Bach!

10 Facts About Marjorie Bach You Didn’t Know

Marjorie Bach is the widow of late rock musician Joe Walsh and the sister of Barbara Bach, who you may recognize from the 1977 James Bond film. Bach is not a fan of the media, so little is known about her, but we have uncovered a few facts.

For example, did you know she attended UCLA and John Cabot International University in Rome? Joe Walsh is also her second husband; she married Lord Alexander Rufus Isaacs in September 1993 and the marriage lasted 15 years. Further information about Bach is provided here to help you get to know him better.

  1. She was a drug addict

Bach, her husband, sister, and brother-in-law all battled addiction for years. According to Beatles in London, the four of them have been sober for over a century.

The younger Bach sister has been sober for 29 years, and her husband for 27 years. While Barbara, Starr, and Walsh have been candid about their recovery journeys, Bach does not appear to be ready to discuss that aspect of her life.

  1. Her Contributions to Rehabilitation Programs Have Been Recognized

Bach was awarded by Peggy Albrecht Friendly House in addition to winning the Humanitarian Award from Facing Addiction with NCADD the same year. It is a Los Angeles-based women’s recovery clinic and sober living program.

When Demi Moore received the Woman of the Year Award, Bach and her sister Barbara were honored at the program’s 29th Annual Luncheon.

  1. She has survived breast cancer

Bach was diagnosed with severe breast cancer and became a patient at the Simms/Mann Center in 2013. She quickly became a member of the Advisory Board, and the Center describes her as intelligent, patient, understanding, and devoted to kindness.

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Simms/Mann The UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology was established in 1992 to provide care to cancer patients and their families. Bach’s appointment to the Advisory Board was appropriate given her personal fight with cancer.

  1. She is a strong advocate for Confronting Addiction with NCADD

Facing Addiction with NACDD held its Annual Benefit Gala in 2018 to honor recovery and raise awareness about alcohol and drug addiction. They also recognized individuals who have been contributing to the noble cause for decades, such as Bach and her husband.

Marjorie Bach

The couple was instrumental in getting Facing Addiction with NCADD off the ground in October 2015 and becoming nationally renowned.

  1. She is frequently overshadowed by her husband and sister

Some families are fortunate to have siblings who are all well-known in their own right. Consider the Hadid siblings, the Kardashians, and the Jenners; each is a celebrity, so no one needs to bask in the spotlight of another.

Regrettably, Bach is not one of them. She is little known, and every time you hear her name, you are reminded that she is the sister of famed model and actress Barbara Bach. Bach is also well-known as the wife of Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh.

  1. She is a Career Woman

In addition to having an attractive appearance, Bach is a highly ambitious career woman. She founded bitMAX, a digital media management firm with clients worldwide.

She takes delight in being the person who pushed for the company’s expansion, allowing it to expand beyond the United States and into the European and Asian markets. She stepped down from her position as senior vice president of sales and marketing after years of service in the high-tech industry.

  1. Once, she feared that her husband would die as a result of his addiction

Many rock icons have been destroyed by alcohol and drugs, and some have lost their lives. Jimi Hendrix, for example, choked on his own vomit after blacking out from alcohol and multiple substances.

Jani Lane, on the other hand, perished of acute alcohol poisoning, whereas Steve Clark suffered from respiratory failure due to excessive alcohol combined with antidepressants and painkillers.

  1. She is Joe Walsh’s Fifth Wife

Bach is Walsh’s fifth wife; his first was Margie, followed by Stephanie, Juanita, and Denise. On December 13, 2013, he wed Bach, whom he told Interview Magazine was the missing piece of his life for so long; thus, the relationship has lasted this long.

Marjorie Bach

Stephanie Nicks still refers to him as the greatest passion of her life, despite the fact that he is no longer in a romantic relationship with her. However, Walsh only has affection and respect for her.

  1. She is a Person of Privacy

Bach rarely discusses her personal life, so she has never granted interviews to the media, whereas her spouse is quite talkative. She is so private that her LinkedIn profile is virtually empty.

  1. She Does Not Have Children of Her Own

Although Walsh had children from his previous marriages, his three-year-old first-born daughter Emma passed away. It took such a toll on him, and his troubled relationship with Stephanie led to their divorce.

Lucy is a pianist, singer, and songwriter, having inherited her father’s affinity for music. Additionally, he has two sons, Alden and Emerson, about whom little is known. Since he married Bach when she was somewhat older, it makes logical that they do not have children.

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