Rock and Roll with Maneskin’s Best Songs!

Damiano David on vocals, Victoria De Angelis on bass, Thomas Raggi on guitar, and Ethan Torchio on drums are the founding members of the band Maneskin, which was established in 2016 in Rome, Italy.

They shot to prominence on the Italian version of The X Factor and worked with Manuel Agnelli as their mentor. In 2018, they published their first studio album, titled Il Ballo Della Vita, and the following year, in 2019, they won the Eurovision Song Contest.

They have achieved seventeen platinum records in Italy as well as six gold records, and they have charted two albums at the number one spot. They cover two of Harry Styles from Ohne Direction’s songs, which shows their mutual admiration for his music.

They became acquainted with one another at the John F. Kennedy Scientific High School in California.

1. Chosen

The Italian rock group Mneskin has a song called “Chosen.” It was made available in 2021 on “Teatro d’ira – Vol. I,” their second studio album. The song showcases the band’s distinctive fusion of rock, pop, and punk influences with its loud guitar riffs and strong vocals.

After winning the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Zitti e buoni,” which is included in “Teatro d’ira – Vol. I,” Mneskin became well-known throughout the world.

The group is renowned for its upbeat live performances and its distinctive, eclectic look, which frequently features extravagant attire and striking cosmetic choices.

2. Zitti e Buoni (Be Quiet And Brave)

Italian rock group Mneskin’s song “Zitti e Buoni” is titled as such. It was made available in 2021 as a part of “Teatro d’ira – Vol. I,” their second studio album. After winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, where Mneskin represented Italy, the song gained notoriety.

The song’s loud guitar riffs, angry vocals, and explosive fusion of rock, pop, and punk influences make it stand out. Despite hardship and criticism, the song “Zitti e Buoni” exhorts its listeners to be brave and true to themselves.

Mneskin is renowned for its dynamic live performances. Frontman Damiano David frequently stands atop amplifiers and captivates the audience with his captivating stage persona.

3. VENT’ANNI (Twenty Years Old)

The Italian rock group Mneskin has a song called “Vent’anni.” As a component of their debut album, “Il ballo della Vita,” it was published in 2018. The English translation of the song’s title, “Vent’anni,” is “Twenty Years Old,” and the lyrics examine the feelings and experiences associated with becoming adulthood.

With a catchy guitar riff and lively rhythm, the song combines rock and pop elements. The vocals of frontman Damiano David are very strong in this song, reflecting the exhilaration and trepidation of growing up and entering the adult world.

Even though it was published before Mneskin’s Eurovision victory and subsequent ascent to international recognition, “Vent’anni” is still a favorite among the band’s followers because it exemplifies their distinctive fusion of musical genres and their capacity to write catchy, relatable songs.

4. Moiro Da Re (I’ll Die As King)

Moiro da Re” is performed by Mneskin. Their second studio album, “Teatro d’ira – Vol. I,” was released in 2021. The Portuguese film “Moiro da Re” (I’ll Die as King) examines power, dominance, and self-assurance.

The song is propelled by the swaggering vocals of Damiano David and a powerful bassline. The repeated chorus line “Voglio vivere come un re, morire da re” (I want to live like a king, die like a monarch) highlights the song’s power and authority.

Like many Mneskin songs, “Moiro da Re” combines rock, pop, and punk into a dynamic composition. Mneskin’s position as one of Italy’s most intriguing rock bands is cemented by the song’s strong vocals and catchy hooks.

5. Coraline

The Italian rock group Mneskin has a song called “Coraline.” As a component of their debut album, “Il ballo della Vita,” it was published in 2018. The chorus of the song repeats the phrase “Coraline, I wanna be like you,” which is a reference to a young woman named Coraline who is seeking freedom and independence.

The song “Coraline” has a driving beat and a catchy guitar riff, as well as elements of rock and pop. The vocals of lead singer Damiano David, whose voice soars above the intense instrumentals, exude a sense of urgency and intensity.

Although “Coraline” is one of Mneskin’s older tracks, it has remained well-liked by fans, with many naming it as a favorite tune. An outstanding example of Mneskin’s own brand of rock music, the song’s themes of self-discovery and empowerment, together with its catchy hooks and upbeat performance, are what make it so special.

6. Vengo Dalla Luna (I Come From The Moon)

Italian rock group Mneskin’s song “Vengo Dalla Luna” is one of their songs. It was made available as a part of their EP “Chosen” in 2017. The lyrics of the song, whose Italian title is “Vengo Dalla Luna,” or “I Come From The Moon,” address themes of alienation and feeling out of place in society.

The song “Vengo Dalla Luna” has a powerful pace and ethereal synths that combine elements of rock and techno music. The voice of the band’s lead singer, Damiano David, is especially eerie in this song and evokes a feeling of alienation.

Despite not having the same level of popularity as some of Mneskin’s other songs, “Vengo Dalla Luna” is nevertheless a fan favorite due to its distinctive sound and reflective lyrics. The song highlights the group’s adaptability and willingness to try out many musical genres, further solidifying their position as one of Italy’s most promising rock talents.

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7. Are You Ready?

Måneskin’s “Are You Ready?” is Italian rock. The 2019 single was included in the deluxe edition of “Il ballo della Vita.” The song has an exciting, punk-influenced style with appealing guitar riffs.

Are You Ready?” encourages listeners to stand up for their beliefs. The chorus asks “Are you ready for the revolution?” with intensity and passion.

Måneskin performs in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic scenario in Simone Bozzelli’s strange music video. The video underlines the song’s rebellious and anti-oppression undertones.

Are You Ready?“‘s frenetic performance and catchy hooks solidified Måneskin’s status as one of Italy’s most exciting rock bands.

8. Torna A Casa (Come Back Home)

The lyrics to the song “Torna A Casa” are in Italian and mean “Come Back Home” in English. The song was featured in their 2017 album “Chosen” and was originally sung by the Italian singer Mneskin.

The song’s words discuss the longing to go home after being away for a while, and the music is a blend of rock and electronic music.

After winning the Eurovision Song Contest with their song “Zitti e Buoni” in 2021, Mneskin attained global acclaim. “Torna A Casa” and other tunes from their earlier albums became well-known outside of Italy as a result.

9. Fear For Nobody

The mood of this song might best be described as melancholy and triumphant. This empowering song is all about standing your ground and facing the hardships that life throws at you with a sense of purpose.

The lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, has a voice that is very similar to that of Damiano David, and the song’s lyrics and beats sound like they were taken directly from the band’s back catalog.

10. Immortale (Immortal)

The first few seconds of the song are a classic rock and roll sound overlaid with electronic elements. As the song develops, there is an abrupt transition from pop music to rap genre. Even though it was composed in Italy, the song’s instrumentation has a clear Latin flavor.

When the lyrics are translated, they create the story of a character who believes that they are invincible and that no matter how challenging times they go through, they will always bounce back and take life on with confidence.

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