10 Facts You Need to Know About Ken the Man!

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most startling aspects of Ken the Man’s life. These ten simple facts will assist us to learn about the artist’s lifestyle.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Ken the Man

What do you know about Ken the Man, the Houston native who is practically taking the independent artist world by storm? If you aren’t familiar with her yet, it won’t be long before her name is as well-known as Lizzo and many other hip-hop artists who have come before her.

  1. She takes what she likes and transforms it into her own

She admits to drawing a lot of inspiration from other artists, like Lil Wayne, and making the qualities she admires her own. It’s a way for her to pay tribute to the artists she grew up listening to, the ones she admires the most. At the same time, it allows her to put her own spin on a particular sound, making it effectively a part of who she is.

  1. She is also responsible for her seven-year-old son

She is a single mother in addition to being a musician. That means she spends a significant amount of her time caring for her seven-year-old son and ensuring that his needs are satisfied.

  1. As COVID struck, she lowered her head and created music

When the pandemic struck, she, like other people, had to find something to occupy her time. She kept her head down and focused on her music because she couldn’t travel or do much else outside of the house.

Ken the Man

She said it was difficult since she, like everyone else, was concerned for the health and well-being of those she cares about, as well as what the future might contain.

  1. She lacks a record label

Despite her popularity in the aforementioned music industry, the rapper is not signed to a record company. In reality, she has always independently released all of her own songs and continues to do so to this day. That can be a hazardous move, but it is one that an increasing number of artists are doing.

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In her opinion, she has opted to handle things this way because it offers her complete control over the music she publishes, as opposed to handing over complete authority to a music label so that the studio may do what’s best for them at her expense.

  1. She has no fear

It doesn’t mean she isn’t terrified. Nobody alive does experience fear from time to time. Regrettably, it is a fact of life that must be dealt with by everyone. She is brave, even when she is afraid. She does not let her fear rule her. In fact, rather than trying to avoid it, she seems to draw toward it.

  1. She doesn’t actually care what other people think

She claims to not give a damn about what other people think of her. Through her music and on social media, she expresses herself in whatever she wants. She has freely stated that people don’t have to listen to her songs or follow her accounts if they don’t like what she has to say. She claims that she pays absolutely no attention to those who feel the need to comment on what she does.

  1. She dislikes playing video games

Although she has admitted that she dislikes playing video games, she believes that it is the only way to advance in some facets of life. She also claims that if other people insist on playing games, she will comply if doing so is the only way she can get along in that specific setting. She claims to have mastered the art of gaming, though, and as a result, she always plays to win.

  1. She refuses to follow instructions from others

She places a lot of emphasis on maintaining complete control over every aspect of her life and ensuring that no one else makes decisions for her.

Ken the Man

She is quick to point out that if you let others determine your decisions for you, they will. She makes it a point to make sure that she is in control of what she does in her life since she doesn’t find that appealing.

  1. She hopes she could meet a real person

She adds that she would like to meet someone who is not a game player at the same time. She claims that she grows weary of the dating world, particularly when it comes to failing to find a sincere partner.

  1. She establishes personal connections with her followers

She likes the thought of being able to interact with her followers. She frequently does this on social media as a result. She enjoys letting kids see what she does on a daily basis as well as in her professional life. It gives her another opportunity to meet people and maintain her relevance in her line of work.

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