Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss: How She Lost 40 Pounds with the Plant Paradox Diet?

Everyone was shocked by Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss, which transformed her from a superstar vocalist to an even more well-known, self-assured role model. Stronger, All I Ever Wanted, Because of You and other successful songs have made her extremely recognized for her incredible vocal abilities.

Her duet with Dolly Parton has put her in the spotlight. When practicing for the renowned duet “9 to 5” for the episode on November 30, Kelly Clarkson and Dolly Parton recently mesmerized the audience on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Dolly Parton and Kelly Clarkson thanked one another with a joyful hug and warm grin after their rehearsals. Let’s now examine the plant paradox diet that helped Kelly Clarkson shed roughly 40 lbs.

Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss with Plant Paradox¬†

Kelly recently disclosed that she had lost roughly 40 lbs while on a diet that is based on Dr. Steven Gundry’s best-selling book The Plant Paradox. This diet is based on eliminating gluten and other “lectins” from your food and lifestyle. Proteins called lectins can be found in a variety of foods, including nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

Kelly attempted the Plant Paradox diet last year, which avoids lectins for better thyroid and autoimmune disease management. But she also managed to lose a significant amount of weight, which was undoubtedly advantageous for the singer in terms of her general health.

Gundry contends that lectin consumption is bad for the body since it may result in inflammation or a “leaky gut” condition. Foods including peanuts, soy, pepper, potatoes, quinoa, tomatoes, and eggplant are examples of those that frequently contain lectins.

Clarkson adhered to the Plant Paradox diet and entirely cut out lectins from her diet. She also reduced her intake of milk and butter and avoided items high in sodium, such as processed and fatty foods. All of these contributed to Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss success.

Overall, the lectin-free diet has helped Kelly Clarkson lose weight, but this does not guarantee that it will do the same for you. Given that no solid scientific data is supporting the lectin-free diet or showing how damaging lectins are to your health, it can be challenging to stick to this restrictive diet.

Even if you wish to follow this diet, you should speak with a doctor first because severe dietary limitations can cause the body to get less of the nutrients it needs.

Exercise Routine

Under the direction of her trainer, Nora James, Kelly maintains a fitness schedule that consists of a combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training. She works out five days a week, and her workouts include a variety of different types of exercises, including running, boxing, strength training, and Pilates.

Kelly can concentrate on improving her general fitness and accomplish her fitness objectives by including a variety of various types of workouts in her routine. She can keep up a steady workout program and continue making progress on her fitness journey thanks to the expertise and direction that she receives from Nora.

Lifestyle Changes

Kelly has made other modifications to her lifestyle to help with her weight loss quest in addition to her diet and exercise routine. She engages in intermittent fasting, which consists of a 16-hour fast followed by an 8-hour window for eating.

It has been demonstrated that this strategy promotes both weight loss and general health. To lower her stress levels, Kelly also adds mindfulness and meditation into her daily routine.

Kelly can keep a good outlook and remains motivated to reach her weight loss goals by lowering stress and enhancing her mental health. This way of living adjustments has been demonstrated to be successful in assisting Kelly in getting the outcomes she wants.


In conclusion, Kelly Clarkson’s admirers have been awestruck by her weight loss journey. She has demonstrated to others that one may achieve their goals with hard work, perseverance, and lifestyle changes.

Kelly used the Plant Paradox diet, exercised, and engaged in mindfulness and intermittent fasting to lose weight and improve her health. The Plant Paradox diet has worked well for Kelly.

Consult a doctor before making any significant dietary changes, and then tailor your exercise routine and lifestyle to meet your needs and objectives. Kelly’s effort to lose weight motivates others. Don’t forget to bookmark our website Sacredsoulmusic for more articles like this and to leave your comments in the space below.

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