Katie Maloney’s Weight Loss: The Ultimate Inspiring Journey!

The star of the Bravo television show “Vanderpump Rules,” Katie Maloney, has recently undergone a lot of changes. She revealed on Instagram in March that she and Tom Schwartz were divorcing.

The two did, however, prepare healthy meals together during the pandemic, which ultimately resulted in Maloney losing more than 20 pounds, according to Hollywood Life. Unfortunately, Maloney had felt awkward while filming because the reality star’s figure had previously been a focus of discussion on “Vanderpump Rules”.

According to Us Weekly, Lisa Vanderpump’s designer Kevin Lee body shamed her on the show. Maloney said of the encounter, “I hadn’t been in a good position with self-love in my life.

And after a protracted fight with acceptance, confidence, and a positive body image, I eventually reached a point where I felt terrific and healthy. “I had dealt with seeing that stuff on social media a lot,” she added, “and Kevin saying it to my face put a voice and a face to all of that, which was hard.”

She has received body shaming from some of her co-stars as well as an online judgment from strangers, including Lala Kent, who now describes it as her only regret from the “VPR” shoot (via People).

Since the beginning of the Bravo series, comments have been made about Maloney’s weight fluctuations. Her metamorphosis into a slimmer, more confident woman, though, is truly inspirational.

She’s Now Happy and Confident in Herself

After experiencing severe body-shaming on and off “Vanderpump Rules,” Katie Maloney overcame the negativity and gave self-love more importance than ever. She confided in People that she values her happiness over how other people, especially those she doesn’t directly know, see her and that she appreciates her body type.

She added that she now recognizes that our bodies grow and change as we age and that there’s nothing wrong with that during an interview with the magazine in 2018.

“I now exercise because it makes me feel good, and if I lose a few pounds along the way, awesome, but it’s about having the right attitude and a realistic approach,” the author said. “I want to enjoy life, and I love food, wine, and drinks,” Maloney continued. At the age of 75, I won’t look back and regret not exercising more.

Maloney revealed that she was a very “unhappy person” and thought she was “unlovable” for three years before making a change to her way of life in a 2019 Instagram Story (via Hollywood Life).

She added that for those three years, her body was a “subject of conversation” since she wasn’t practicing self-love. She is now a strong and steadfast proponent of body positivity, utilizing positive vigor to combat cruel body shamers.

During the pandemic, Katie Maloney lost 25 pounds

After attempting numerous diets, Katie Maloney, according to Hollywood Life, focused on eating healthfully during the epidemic. She claimed that diets set individuals up for failure and that she preferred to pay more attention to what she ate than how much.

To stay healthy during the epidemic, Maloney and her ex-husband Tom Schwartz prepared chicken and vegetables. She claimed to Hollywood Life that she had shed 25 pounds and that her clothes now fit.

In response to her problem with weight loss, Maloney remarked, “I’m not a huge snacker, so it’s usually just going and popping a few things in my mouth just to fuel my body.” She continued, “Because that was the hardest part of it all, just training myself to eat more frequently than I normally would.”

After she changed, the haters and body shamers remained. Maloney can reject them and continue because of her growing confidence. She tweeted about body positivity on Instagram after her castmate Raquel Leviss shared an “unflattering” photo of her in January. Even when it’s difficult, she urged her fans to be kind to themselves.


In conclusion, Katie Maloney’s story of weight loss encourages resilience and self-love. She embraced a strong body image while suffering from extreme fat shaming on and off “Vanderpump Rules.” The mental and emotional transformation of Maloney is amazing.

Throughout the epidemic, she shed 25 pounds by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising. According to Maloney’s story, a happy and healthy life is a result of body positivity and self-love. Don’t forget to bookmark our website Sacredsoulmusic for more articles like this and to leave your comments in the space below.

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