Judas Priest’s Best Album Will Leave You Thunderstruck!

Because I’ve been a fan of Judas Priest for a good number of years, I’ve had plenty of chances to devote some quality time to listening to their many albums.

There are a lot of songs by Judas Priest that I like, but certain of their songs have achieved a level of greatness that sets them apart from the others and makes them true classics.

These songs are the very best that they have to offer, and they should be recognized for their quality as the greatest that they have to offer. I will be discussing the top 10 Judas Priest songs of all time in this article.

1. Breaking The Law

The British band Judas Priest’s legendary heavy metal song “Breaking the Law” is one such. After being published in 1980, the song soon rose to become one of the group’s most well-known and recognizable songs.

For more than 40 years, it has been a favorite among aficionados of the genre thanks to its hard-driving guitar riffs and catchy chorus. The song’s appeal has also grown to be known for its lyrics, which depict a man’s ascent into a life of crime.

The fact that “Breaking the Law” is a mainstay of Judas Priest’s live shows speaks much about the band’s contribution to the growth of heavy metal music.

2. Living After Midnight

Judas Priest, a British heavy metal band, also has “Living After Midnight” as one of their classic songs. 1980 single has grown to be one of the group’s most well-known and adored songs.

It has been a rock radio mainstay and a fan favorite for more than 40 years thanks to its peppy tempo, catchy riffs, and sing-along chorus. The lyrics, which glorify a rock & roll musician’s wild and hedonistic lifestyle, brilliantly encapsulate the rebellious spirit of the style.

Judas Priest’s song “Living After Midnight” is frequently considered one of their most approachable and popular songs, and it is still a highlight of the band’s live performances today.

3. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin

The British band Judas Priest wrote the timeless heavy metal song You’ve Got Another Thing Comin‘”. The song, which was released in 1982, was a huge commercial success for the group, peaking at number five on the US Mainstream Rock charts and receiving a plethora of positive reviews.

One of the most adored songs in the band’s vast discography, it is distinguished by its hard-driving guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and catchy chorus.

The song’s lyrics, which speak about a person’s will to live out their aspirations and triumph over adversity, have struck a chord with listeners all around the world.

The fact that “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin‘” is frequently mentioned as one of Judas Priest’s hallmark songs demonstrates the band’s contribution to the growth of heavy metal music.

4. Heading Out To The Highway

Judas Priest, a British band, wrote the iconic heavy metal song “Heading Out to the Highway” in 1981. The song is a notable track on the album Point of Entry because it has intense guitar riffs and a strong vocal delivery by lead singer Rob Halford.

The song’s lyrics express someone’s desire to set out on a journey to discover independence and adventure while leaving their problems behind. Due to its catchy chorus, the song has become a fan favorite and a mainstay of Judas Priest’s live performances.

The band is shown playing “Heading Out to the Highway” in its music video, which solidifies the song’s place as a classic of the genre and portrays the band performing on a desert highway.

5. The Hellion

This song was included on their album “Screaming For Vengeance,” which was released in 1982, and it is a strong way to begin the record. It is a song that gives you an idea of what the entire album is about, and it also establishes a mood for the songs that are to come after it.

This album features some fantastic guitar work, and it will be one of those songs that stays in everyone’s head. This song is my favorite off of Judas Priest’s famous “Screaming for Vengeance” album because it contains all of the elements that are necessary for a great song to be written by Judas Priest.

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6. Painkiller

Judas Priest, a British band, recorded “Painkiller” in 1990. It is a heavy metal song that is both aggressive and potent. The song, which serves as the album’s title track, has a powerful vocal performance by lead singer Rob Halford, along with rumbling percussion and pounding guitar chords.

In the song’s lyrics, a character is shown riding a “steel-winged Pegasus” and meting out “painkiller” justice to those who have earned it. Fans of the genre love the song because of its frenetic intensity and heavy sound, and the band still performs it live to rave reviews.

One of Judas Priest’s most well-known and enduring tracks, “Painkiller” is frequently considered as having had a significant impact on the growth of heavy metal music.

7. Victim Of Changes

Victim Of Changes” is one of the group’s songs that is among my personal favorites, and it was included on their breakthrough album “Sad Wings Of Destiny” in 1976. It is a song that is extremely easy to remember, and it is one that never fails to get people excited and energized.

The song “Victim Of Changes” has an atmosphere that is reminiscent of the band’s earlier work, and it exemplifies the enduring quality that is present in all of Judas Priest’s classic compositions.

It’s one of those songs that will only grow on you over time, and it’s also something that you can’t help but think about every once in a while. It’s one of those songs that will only grow on you over time.

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8. Beyond The Realms Of Death

This song is one that every metalhead is familiar with and adores, and it’s another gem from the 1978 album “Stained Class.” You can’t help but headbang anytime this song comes on.

Judas Priest’s epic song “Beyond The Realms Of Death” demonstrates their range as a band by fusing all of their strengths into one grand narrative. Everyone should pay close attention to the excellent opening riff while listening to this song.

The drumming on this album is also very excellent, with Scott Travis’ strong drum fills and beats helping to develop the tune. Everyone will adore this, but metal enthusiasts will especially enjoy it.

9. Evening Star

Evening Star” was one of the most memorable tracks to come off their album “Hell Bent For Leather,” which was released in 1978 and became a smash hit. It is a song that combines elements of a wide variety of musical genres, and as a result, it has a sound that is considered to be quite progressive.

In every sense, it is hard and progressive, and the melody is truly distinctive when compared to the melodies of any other songs by Judas Priest. It’s one to keep in mind, and the tune is so memorable that it will stay in anyone’s head long after they’ve given it their first hearing.

10. Hellrider

Judas Priest, a British band, released the fast-paced, high-intensity heavy metal song “Hellrider” in 2005. The track, which can be found on the band’s studio album “Angel of Retribution,” is renowned for its intense guitar riffs and lead singer Rob Halford’s dynamic vocal delivery.

The song’s lyrics show a warrior riding through hell while seeking retribution from those who have harmed him. The enormous sound and fanciful ideas of the song have made it a favorite of the audience and a mainstay of the band’s live performances.

Judas Priest’s “Hellrider” is frequently recognized as one of their most remarkable and dynamic tracks, demonstrating their talent for writing powerful and enduring heavy metal anthems.

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