10 Surprising Things You Need to Know About Johnny Winter!

In this post, we will look at some of the most unusual aspects of Johnny Winter’s life. These ten simple facts will assist us to learn about the artist’s lifestyle.

10 Johnny Winter Things You Probably Didn’t Know

For four decades, Johnny Winter’s tremendous career produced great music. But how much do you truly know about the late guitarist? We delved hard to unearth a lot of missed and hidden facts about one of the world’s most respected guitarists.

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  1. He spent his entire career using the same piece of plumbing pipe as a slide

Winter is widely regarded as one of the best slide guitarists of all time. Furthermore, while many guitarists use unusual materials to run up and down their fretboards — Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Band famously utilized old Coricidin glass pill bottles – Winter’s pick was as out of the ordinary.

“I used to play slide before this, but I couldn’t find a suitable slide,” he explained to Tom Guerra. “From a wristwatch crystal to broken-off test tubes to lipstick boxes and bottles… I tried everything, but nothing worked until I discovered this conduit pipe, which I’ve been using for 30 years for both acoustic and electric slide. It’s merely a piece of plumber’s pipe that perfectly fits my finger.”

  1. Broke Led Zeppelin’s record for the biggest advance from a record label

Jimmy Page’s blues-rock band Led Zeppelin signed a contract with Atlantic Records in 1968 for a record advance of $200,000. Yet, as they say, records are made to be broken, and only one year later, Winter shattered the old record with a $600,000 deal with Columbia.

  1. Defamation suit against DC Comics

While his achievements to music cannot be overstated, Winter also made an unintended contribution to the world of comic comics. Johnny and his brother Edgar sued DC Comics for slander in 1996, following the appearance of two worm-like villains named Johnny and Edgar Autumn in an issue of Jonah Hex: Riders of the Worm and Such.

  1. Winter had the audacity to fire a great rock producer on his second album

Eddie Kramer, a producer/engineer, has worked with some of rock’s biggest stars, including Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones. Winter, who was forced to fire Kramer midway through recording his solo album, Second Winter, wasn’t convinced by Kramer’s credentials.

Johnny Winter

Johnny stated, “He wasn’t performing his job.” “He was recording downpour sound effects outside the studio.” So we let him go in the middle of the project, leaving and Edgar to complete producing and recording the album.”

  1. Was one of the only musicians hired to perform at Woodstock

The Woodstock Music and Arts Festival may be one of the most infamous cases of money mismanagement in rock history, with many of the musicians never receiving a penny from the organizers for their efforts. Johnny Winter was an exception, receiving $3,750 for his work, but missing out on a larger payoff later owing to his manager’s lack of foresight.

  1. Recorded alongside Jimi Hendrix

As soon as Winter arrived in New York City, he became a fixture at the Scene, a club frequented by the music elite. Jimi Hendrix was among those who frequented the club, and he occasionally invited Winter to the studio for a music session.

  1. 17-year-old B.B. King performer

In 1962, when he was only 17 years old, Winter began to make his mark on the Texas and Louisiana blues scenes. One evening, he and his brother Edgar went to a Beaumont, Texas club to see B.B. King. After some persuasion, the bluesman allowed Winter to take the stage and demonstrate his skills.

  1. Winter was plagued by intense anxiety throughout his existence

Winter has been open about his struggles with anxiety throughout his life, but in 1990, during a tribute concert for blues legend John Lee Hooker, the issue came to a climax. Winter recalled to Guitar World that he felt awful before that performance.

  1. Almost single-handedly rescued the career of Muddy Waters

In the latter half of the 1970s, not many people gave Chicago blues legend Muddy Waters much thought. Winters, who in 1977 offered to produce a record for him, never forgot him.

The subsequent studio album, Hard Again, was a critical and commercial success, and Winter would collaborate with Waters on two more studio albums and a live album. Winters was one of the few individuals to attend Waters’ wedding to Marva Jean Brooks. Muddy would come to regard the guitarist as a son near the end of his life.

  1. Because of Hollywood, blues music was discovered

Johnny went to a theater in San Antonio, Texas, around the age of 12 to watch the Roaring Twenties gangster film. The guitarist recalled it as a defining event in his life in his autobiography, Raisin’ Cain: The Wild and Raucous Life of Johnny Winter.

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