10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Hoodrich Pablo Juan!

In this post, we will look at some of the more unusual aspects of Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s life. These ten simple facts will assist us to learn about the artist’s lifestyle.

10 Facts About Hoodrich Pablo Juan

Are you familiar with Hoodrich Pablo Juan? You may be aware that he is a rapper, but what else do you know about him? Here are ten facts about him that you might find interesting.

  1. He dislikes early mornings

He makes no apologies for his dislike of early mornings. He is hardly alone in his detest of early mornings. It appears that many people agree with him on this point. In fact, it appears to be considerably more widespread among naturally creative people.

  1. He wishes to broaden his musical horizons

He expresses a strong desire to grow his music and create things he hasn’t done before. That is natural for most people who appreciate developing stuff like hip-hop.

Hoodrich Pablo Juan

No one wants to feel like they’ve gotten static, especially when they rely on public approval to ensure they feed. As a result, he wishes to experiment with new sounds and topics in his music in order to keep his gift fresh.

  1. He believes he is widely misunderstood

He has frequently stated that others believe he is not the nicest guy in the room, but he does not believe this. He has freely confessed that his music has a tendency to sound unnecessarily harsh, often as a result of things he saw firsthand growing up in a deprived region where people frequently believe you’re guilty before they even get to know you.

He claims that he tries to be polite to everyone, but that people hear his music and form an erroneous impression of who he is.

  1. He is concerned with what his supporters think of him but not much else

He claims to care deeply about what his supporters think, yet he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Nevertheless, he has stated numerous times that he has never cared what others think of him.

He has stated in prior interviews that when he was growing up, people labeled him because of where he came from. That was something he detested, but it was also something he had become accustomed to. He’s learned as an adult not to care what other people think.

  1. He is a heavy drug user

This guy does a lot of drugs and makes no attempt to hide it. That appears to be part of his heritage, thus none of it appears to be a huge concern to him. In his opinion, his preferred medicine is a variety of sedatives known colloquially as ‘downers.’

  1. He is streetwise

He is definitely street-smart, there is no question about that. He claims that because he was raised in Atlanta, he was forced to develop such a personality. He was born in New Jersey, but when he was three years old, his family moved to a low-income neighborhood in Atlanta, where he remained throughout his formative years. He claims that it taught him a lot of lessons, not all of which were positive.

  1. He desires to assist those who are closest to him

He got into music, among other things, in order to support the people that matter most to him. He is motivated by this as well, which is why he works so hard and long hours.

Hoodrich Pablo Juan

He aspires to be able to support all of the people close to him financially. He has made it clear that the goal is not to accumulate a collection of expensive cars or a succession of homes.

  1. He desires his songs would raise awareness of issues that no one wants to hear about

When discussing the issues in underdeveloped areas, especially when they affect people of color, people have the propensity to shut their ears and their thoughts. It is exactly what he talks about in his music, therefore he is hoping that it will change.

  1. He is also well-educated

The fact that people are usually always astonished to learn that he is also book-smart irritates him a little. Because he was so intelligent, he was able to advance a grade and graduate from high school early.

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He finds it incredibly frustrating when people instinctively think that somebody from a low-income community, especially someone of color, is less intellectual than a kid from a wealthy white neighborhood.

  1. He wanted his new record to have something for everyone

He has stated that he never wants anyone to feel left out, and his most recent album, which contains something for everyone, reflects this. He is aware of how it feels to be left out and is aware that it is unpleasant. He has therefore made it a point to try and avoid doing that by having something on his new record for everyone.

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