Harry Styles’s Best Songs: An Analysis of His Career-Defining Tracks

Since his days with One Direction, British singer-songwriter Harry Styles has come a long way. He now has a successful solo career. Styles’ reputation as one of the most outstanding musicians of our day has been firmly established thanks to the accomplishments of his solo career.

Styles has produced some of the most impressive music in the business, from his first album, which was simply titled “Styles,” to his most recent album, “Fine Line.”

In this article, we will take a deeper look at the tunes that have had a significant impact on Harry Styles’s career and helped him become the celebrity that he is today.

1. Sign of the Times

The song “Sign of the Times” kicks off the release of Harry Styles’ self-titled debut studio album. The song is a stirring ballad that demonstrates both Styles’ impressive vocal range and his compositional ability.

It was released in 2017 to widespread praise and quickly rose to become one of the most highly recognized songs of that year.

Following his time spent performing with the successful boy band One Direction, Styles established himself as a solo artist with the release of the single “Sign of the Times,” which featured a powerful chorus and lyrics that evoked strong feelings.

2. Kiwi

The bouncy rock song “Kiwi” was written and performed by Harry Styles. It is famous for its contagious energy and colorful orchestration. The song has a catchy chorus that is sure to be stuck in your brain in addition to its pounding rhythms, thrilling guitar riffs, and other memorable musical elements.

It has quickly become a fan favorite and has established itself as a mainstay in Styles’ live shows, during which audiences enthusiastically sing and dance along. “Kiwi” is one of the highlight tracks on Styles’ first solo album, thanks to its infectious melodies and high-octane excitement.

3. Adore You

The pop ballad “Adore You” is the first track to be released from Harry Styles’ second album, “Fine Line.” The song is a showcase of Styles’ remarkable songwriting abilities and aptitude for generating memorable melodies. “Adore You” is the first single from the album.

The song was lauded for having an infectious chorus as well as a polished production, both of which got positive reviews from music reviewers and fans alike. It’s safe to say that “Adore You” solidified Styles’ reputation as a skilled musician and composer, as it was one of the year’s most memorable songs.

4. Watermelon Sugar

After its initial release, the pop-funk song “Watermelon Sugar” quickly established itself as a widespread favorite among music fans. Because of its captivating chorus, snappy guitar riff, and overall summery vibe, this music is ideally suited to serve as an anthem for the summer season.

It was the fourth single released from the second studio album that Harry Styles had titled “Fine Line.” The upbeat lyrics and infectious melody of the song earned it praise from music critics, and it reached number one on the charts in a number of nations all over the world.

5. Golden

Golden” is a pop-rock track that was released as the fifth single to be taken from Harry Styles’ album titled “Fine Line.” This song is well-known for its uplifting sound and its ability to make listeners feel happy because it contains the distinctive voice and songwriting abilities of Styles.

“Golden” was greeted with favorable reviews at its debut, and it has since been hailed as one of the best tracks on the album by critics and fans alike. The music video for the song, which depicts Styles dancing and traveling along the Amalfi Coast in Italy, has also received a lot of praise from music critics.

6. Ever Since New York

Ever Since New York” is a somber and melancholy song that can be found on Harry Styles’ first studio album. This song showcases both Styles’ amazing vocal range as well as his ability to write words that are reflective.

As a result of the track’s moving lyrics and melody, it was singled out as one of the album’s most memorable songs and got praise from music critics.

7. Two Ghosts

The soulful song “Two Ghosts” may be found on Harry Styles’ debut album, which bears his name. The acoustic guitar provides a soft backdrop for the song’s reflective lyrics, which are about a previous love affair.

When the song was first made available, it was met with widespread appreciation from music critics, with many commentators complimenting Styles for his ability to convey the anguish of a broken heart through the song’s sincere lyrics and soft vocals. It is widely regarded as one of the album’s outstanding tunes and has quickly established itself as a fan favorite.


Finally, Harry Styles has established himself as a successful solo artist with a track record for writing quality songs since leaving One Direction. Fans and critics alike praised his sophomore album “Fine Line” and debut album for their popular songs.

The tracks “Sign of the Times,” “Kiwi,” “Adore You,” “Watermelon Sugar,” “Golden,” “Ever Since New York,” and “Two Ghosts” are among Styles’ greatest.

Styles has earned a spot among today’s top performers because of his extraordinary vocal range, contemplative lyrics, and creative prowess. Don’t forget to leave feedback in the comment box and save our website, Sacredsoulmusic, for more articles like this.

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