Gregory Gourdet Weight Loss: How He Did It?

You might have noticed Gregory Gourdet, a well-known chef and restaurateur, has changed significantly over the past few years if you watch Bravo’s, Top Chef.

Gourdet, who was once obese and battled addiction, has since shed over 70 pounds and started to promote a healthy lifestyle. This essay will look at Gourdet’s weight loss journey and the things we may take away from it.

Let’s briefly meet Gourdet before we get into his weight loss quest. The most well-known of Gregory Gourdet’s accomplishments as a chef and restaurateur is his participation in Bravo’s Top Chef.

Including Jean-Georges in New York and the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, Gourdet has worked in some of the best kitchens in the nation. In Portland, Oregon, he relocated in 2010 and took a position as executive chef at Departure, a pan-Asian eatery on the rooftop of the Nines Hotel.

Numerous honors have been bestowed upon Gourdet for his inventive food, including being named one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs in 2013.

Gourdet’s Weight Loss Journey

2015 was the year that Gourdet reached its lowest point. He was significantly overweight, had recently terminated a relationship, and was battling addiction.

He also had recently finished the relationship. He reached his heaviest weight of almost 250 pounds at one point in his life. Gourdet concluded that he needed to make a change, not just for the sake of his job, but also for the sake of his health.

He began by giving up drugs and alcohol, and then he turned his attention to improving his nutrition and his exercise routine.

A New Approach to Eating

Gourdet made significant dietary changes, avoiding processed foods and sugar in favor of whole, nutrient-dense foods. He started experimenting with different foods and flavors while cooking more frequently at home.

Additionally, Gourdet started intermittent fasting, which is eating only at a predetermined window each day and abstaining from food the rest of the time. This made it simpler for him to maintain a healthy eating regimen and helped him control his hunger.

Finding a Love for Fitness

Gourdet not only altered his eating habits, but he also began engaging in consistent physical activity as part of his daily routine. He began with basic exercises like walking and eventually worked his way up to more difficult ones like jogging and lifting weights.

Gourdet realized that he appreciated the struggle of pushing himself physically, and he started to realize the wonderful benefits that it had on both his body and his mind.

Mindfulness and Self-Care

Gourdet also focused on his mental health, cultivating mindfulness and engaging in other practices of self-care to better manage his stress and anxiety. He started meditating consistently and made it a point to give himself time to relax every day, whether it meant going for a walk or soaking in a warm bath.

On his journey to lose weight, Gourdet discovered that making self-care a top priority helped him maintain his concentration and kept him motivated.


In conclusion, Gregory Gourdet’s weight loss journey is a motivational tale of change and personal development. Gourdet has lost a substantial amount of weight and improved both his physical and emotional health as a result of his dedication to a balanced diet, exercise, and self-care.

His experience serves as a motivating example of how, with hard work and determination, we can alter our lives for the better. Don’t forget to bookmark our website Sacredsoulmusic for more articles like this and to leave your comments in the space below.

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