10 Quick Facts to Know About Gillie Da Kid!

Gillie Da Kid: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

Gillie Da Kid has been rapping for almost two decades. Although he has not achieved the economic success of many of his contemporaries, his abilities have earned him the respect of some of the biggest hip-hop artists. Gillie Da Kid was even contracted to Cash Money Records at one point, but he eventually parted relations with the label.

  1. He was born in Philadelphia

Gillie Da Kid is happy to have his name added to the list of innovative and influential persons who were born in Philadelphia. He is a Philadelphia native who has always been proud to represent his hometown. According to what we know, he still resides in the region.

  1. He Was Shot

Gillie Da Kid did not have an easy upbringing, and the neighborhood he came from is recognized for its difficulties. Gillie was shot three times in the summer of 2006. He took blows to the wrist, foot, and stomach. The attack was “suspected to have been an attempt on his life,” according to a XXL report.

  1. He backed the “All Lives Matter” movement

For numerous reasons, 2020 was a highly dramatic year, and racial tensions in the United States reached a boiling point. Several of Gillie’s admirers wondered why he didn’t speak out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Gillie Da Kid

When Gillie finally addressed the matter, he stated that he did not support the movement and instead stated that “All Lives Matter.” Several of his admirers were outraged, and some began asking for his cancellation.

  1. He’s Done a Little Acting

Gillie Da Kid is primarily recognized for his rapping, but he has also contributed to the entertainment business in other ways. In 2010, he made his acting debut in the film Caged Animal. He has made a few other on-screen appearances over the years. He is sure to add more acting credits to his portfolio in the coming years.

  1. He was almost punched by Beanie Siegel

Hip-hop is a highly competitive genre, which implies that musicians do not always get along. Gillie and fellow Philadelphia rapper Beanie Siegel had a falling out a few years back. It ultimately escalated to the point where they were almost fighting.

Gillie described the scenario to Revolt TV, saying, “We went through some st… We were arguing on the radio and talking on the phone on Power 99. Everyone heard that st, and we ran into each other on South Street, and Beans tried to slip me away. He’ll tell you I slipped that trash like Floyd Mayweather. It was a strong [punch], but it was delivered slowly.”

  1. He had a dispute with Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne and Gillie Da Kid once maintained a strong professional relationship. Nonetheless, if you were a rap fan in the early 2000s, you undoubtedly recall when the two had a heated feud. Gillie asserted that she was Wayne’s ghostwriter, and the two began dissing each other in tunes. Although Wayne denied the claim, Gillie maintains her position.

  1. He has no fear of a challenge

Gillie Da Child has experienced numerous ups and downs throughout the years. But no matter what obstacles he faces, he never allows anything to deter him for long.

Gillie Da Kid

This is partially due to the fact that he is not afraid of being challenged. He is the sort of person who enjoys challenging himself.

  1. He prefers to maintain his personal life on the show

Gillie has never been the type to put his personal life on exhibit, despite the fact that he has spent many years in the music industry. There is relatively little personal information circulating around about him. However, we are aware that he is in a committed relationship with Regina. It is unknown whether the two are married.

  1. He enjoys boxing

Gillie places a high priority on staying in shape, and boxing is one of his favorite methods to stay active. His followers appear to enjoy the videos of him training in the ring that he frequently uploads. It does not appear, however, that he has ever boxed competitively.

  1. He delights in giving back to the community

As stated previously, Gillie is a devoted Philadelphia native. Now that he is well-known, he intends to use his platform to help those in need. He is particularly enthusiastic about working with young people. He hopes that his work will inspire others.

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