10 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Genesis!

This article will go over some of the most shocking facts regarding the band Genesis. These ten simple facts can assist us in learning more about Genesis.

10+ Facts About GENESIS

It’s easy to believe you’ve heard everything there is to know about Genesis. We’ve all gotten to know these prog pioneers pretty well, what with them selling 130 million records worldwide, dominating MTV with videos, and launching the hitmaking solo careers of Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, and Mike Rutherford.

Despite having a history that dates back to the late 1960s, Genesis continues to surprise and excite. Here are 10+ facts about Genesis that you probably didn’t know:

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  1. Phil Collins almost did not take over as singer after Peter Gabriel left. Mick Strickland was brought in as a possible substitute, but he couldn’t sing in key over the already-recorded accompaniment tracks for 1976’s ‘A Twist of the Tail.’
  2. The abbreviation ABACAB was originally intended to remember the musical sequence on Genesis’ 1981 album’s title song, with A standing for the verse, B for the chorus, and C for the bridge. However, they did not record the final song in this manner.
  3. Gabriel is still irritated by the perception that Genesis was made up of “snotty affluent kids,” stating that “it used to irritate me seeing all these ‘people’s hero’ musicians – like Joe Strummer – who’d come from a similar background to mine, but were keeping it quiet.” We were always extremely open about our origins in Genesis, and we were middle-class, not aristocratic.”
  4. Although Tony Banks is the band’s most prolific songwriter, he has never sung lead on a Genesis song.
  5. An aggressive portion of ‘The Musical Box,’ an early Genesis classic, arose from Gabriel’s suggestion that Mike Rutherford channel the Who. “I was really hoping to persuade Mike to find something like a little [Pete] Townsend, arm-waving, balls-y assaulting section in there,” he explained.
  6. Collins, believe it or not, never wanted to be a singer. With Gabriel’s departure, the band’s initial impulse was to “forget the vocals; we’ll just carry on as an instrumental four-piece.” Collins’ first wife suggested he take charge after noticing that the audition process was going terribly.
  7. Over time, the Collins-led edition became known for groundbreaking music videos like the Grammy-winning ‘Land of Confusion.’ But it wasn’t always like this. Check out this ridiculously goofy commercial video for ‘A Trick of the Tail,’ which depicts a little Collins performing atop a piano.
  1. Collins may, at least in part, thank Gabriel’s parents’ pool for getting him the job as Genesis drummer in the first place. While taking a dip, he watched the earlier applicants perform. He then based his own performance on what his bandmates had previously indicated they liked (and didn’t like) about the others.
  2. In 1978, Genesis’ song “Follow You, Follow Me” earned their first-ever Top 10 UK hit. Funny enough, Rutherford claims that he also penned the words for this hit pop song in just 10 minutes.
  3. Phil Collins was the first performer to cover a Genesis song in the studio. For his 1981 solo debut, “Face Value,” the inadvertent leader recorded a loose-limbed rendition of “Beyond the Lines.” The song had previously opened the 1980 album “Duke.”
  4. Gabriel took parts of a crimson dress and a spooky fox head from his then-wife Jill’s wardrobe for one of his more memorable on-stage getups. Before their performance in an old boxing venue in Dublin, the rest of Genesis voiced concern about how the costume would be received. But, the audience’s stunned response persuaded them that they were on the right track.
  5. Many of Phil Collins’ lyrics began as nonsense phrases spoken during jam sessions in the early 1980s. Next, he would turn the musical elements of his song into actual lyrics. The 1983 song “Mother,” which tells the story of a young man who becomes fixated on an uninterested prostitute, is possibly the best-known example. Collins came across the phrase “mom” while improvising over an instrumental.

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