10 Surprising Facts to Know About Eric Church!

We’ll talk about some of Eric Church’s life’s unexpected details in this piece. These ten simple facts will give us a better understanding of the artist’s way of life.

10 Things About Eric Church

One of the biggest names in modern country music is Eric Church, yet despite his success, he still has a certain air of mystery about him.

Church goes on a ton of tours and puts out smash singles, but he prefers to maintain a mystique. In public, he speaks frequently about his music but rarely about his personal life, which also includes a wife and children who are not in the public eye.

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  1. He holds a degree in marketing

According to BMI.com, Church told his father, Ken, that he would complete college if his father would then agree to pay for him to try to make it in Nashville for six months after he finished.

He graduated from Appalachia State University with a marketing degree before relocating to Music City, where he got a publishing deal with Sony ATV and started submitting 60 songs a year for demos. As a result, Terri Clark’s “The World Needs a Drink,” which was published in 2004, became his first cut.

  1. Because he wears contacts, he uses sunglasses

Church’s signature shades, which you seldom ever see him without, make him one of the trendiest country music artists.

However, he claimed on Radio with Mike Adam that he began donning them because, early in his career, the stage lights would “bake my contacts and they’d fall out, so I’d end up being blind onstage.” Glasses were suggested, and it worked. Funny thing is, it stuck. It was never planned. We never considered that it would be beneficial.

  1. He goes by the name Kenneth

Church’s father is also named Ken, and he was born Kenneth Eric Church. Yet he’s been going by Eric for so long that even his parents now refer to him as Eric.

  1. Bruce Springsteen Wasn’t the Inspiration for “Springsteen”

Church’s song “Springsteen,” which describes the tale of a youthful love that occurs at a concert by the Boss, became one of his biggest hits.

Eric Church

Yet, despite several references to Bruce Springsteen in the lyrics, a different musician really provided the music for Church’s adolescent romance.

  1. He carries a list of those who obstructed him

Church still carries the wounds from his early troubles in country music, including the now-famous incident when he kicked off a tour with Rascal Flatts for breaking their rules. He acknowledged holding long-standing grudges in a Playboy interview and said he admires people who do, such as Michael Jordan.

  1. He was an All-Rounder in High School Athletics

Church was an athlete in real life, despite his tough-guy exterior which led you to believe he was a high school loner picked on by the jocks.

  1. He and his wife practice environmental stewardship

On a 2010 episode of Cribs, Church and his wife, Katherine Blasingame, a publishing executive in Nashville, let CMT into their house and made it clear they care about the environment.

Eric Church

As they restored the house, they put the kitchen cabinets to another use. The pair also grows a lot of their own veggies.

  1. He has a charitable nature

It turns out that the tough-guy singer is also compassionate toward those in need. In the years since founding Chief Cares in 2013, he and his wife have assisted disadvantaged families and children throughout Tennessee and Eric’s native state of North Carolina.

  1. He inherited the nickname “Chief” from his deceased grandfather

Church has a popular album titled Chief, but this is not where he acquired his nickname. Rusty, Church’s late maternal grandfather was the police superintendent in Church’s hometown of Granite Falls, North Carolina, and “Everyone called him Chief,” Church recalls to the Boot. Church earned the same moniker when he acquired his signature look of sunglasses and a baseball cap.

  1. He assisted Taylor Swift in achieving a major breakthrough

In 2006, when Church was fired from a Rascal Flatts tour for repeatedly violating their standards for opening acts, the group chose Taylor Swift as Church’s replacement. Swift contacted Church soon after securing the tour.

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