10 Strange Things to Know About Elton John!

In this post, we will look at some of the more startling aspects of Elton John’s life. These ten simple facts will assist us to learn about the artist’s lifestyle.

Top 10 Facts about Elton John

Meet Elton John, the legendary musician, and performer. Elton John, Sir. The man is responsible for some of the best albums and hits ever! This performer has performed in numerous places throughout the world, and his songs continue to be popular!

From ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ to ‘Rocket Man,’ ‘Candle in the Wind,’ ‘Your Song,’ and many more, Elton has done more than just sing; he has inspired generations of musicians and is a legend.

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  1. He Renamed Himself.

The globe and most of his admirers know him as Sir Elton John, but he was actually born Reginald Dwight. He changed his name because his first name was unsuitable for a performer, and he eventually settled on Elton Hercules John! Elton Dean and Long John Baldry, members of the Bluesology band, gave him the moniker Elton John!

  1. He is A Knight.

He is Sir Elton John, CBE, not just Elton John. He was not born a knight. In 1998, Queen Elizabeth knighted him in appreciation of his contributions to music and charity. He also owns property in England, including a house erected by King Henry VIII, therefore the title of knight is appropriate!

  1. Candle in the Wind Was Released in 1997.

Elton’s best-selling single is Candle in the Wind. He and his lyricist Bernie Taupin composed the song for Marylyn Monroe, but it became very well known after he and Bernie re-recorded it and he sang Candle in the Wind at Princess Diana’s burial in 1997. The album’s proceeds were donated to Princess Diana‘s charity.

  1. He Started Singing at a Young Age.

Elton was introduced to music by his parents at a young age. They would buy him musical instruments to encourage him to sing. He began playing the piano, which he is renowned for mastering, at the age of three. He was awarded a scholarship to study music at the Royal Academy of Music, where his talent was honed. Elton would then form his band at the age of 15!

  1. Bernie is the Best.

Bernie Taupin was exactly what Elton needed to break into the music industry. They met at a songwriters’ call that they both attended. When Elton was given Bernie’s lyrics to convert into a song, their bond became so strong that it marked the beginning of one of the most powerful duos in the music industry. Bernie has since become Elton’s songwriter.

  1. Record-breaking Records!

Elton would not be a celebrity without his honors. He has sold 250 million records!!! He has 37 gold albums, 27 multi-platinum albums, and a total of 37 platinum albums.

His performances are themselves record-breaking. During his over fifty-year career, Sir Elton John has performed in more than 3,500 concerts! I would like to know if he remembers the majority of the over eighty countries he has visited.

  1. Here You Would Not Locate Matata!

Hakuna Matata is Swahili for No Concern; the Lion King made this phrase famous. But that’s not all that’s notable about the film; Sir Elton and Disney Lyricist Tim Rice also composed the film’s five soundtracks, including “Can you feel the love tonight” and four others. The soundtrack sold over 40 million copies, making it a worldwide phenomenon.

  1. There is No Visual Impairment to Be Seen Here.

Sir Elton John never actually required spectacles when he began wearing them early in his career. They were used as decorations, and are now a part of his image. The spectacles are not the only remarkable aspect of his appearance.

  1. A Man With a Kind Spirit.

Sir Elton John operates the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which he established in memory of his close companions Ryan White and Freddie Mercury, both of whom passed away from AIDS.

He raises funds for the foundation by performing in private concerts, which I assume cost a fair penny, and by hosting lavish charity events! The foundation is led by Elton’s spouse, David Furnish.

  1. You May Still Be Standing if You’re Lucky.

Previously, he was married to Renae Blauel. Since the 2014 legalization of same-sex marriage in England, Elton has been married to his longstanding partner David Furnish. However, he was previously married to German sound engineer Renae Baluel while recording “Don’t Go Crushing My Heart” with Kiki Dee.

They met in London in 1983 and were married in Australia the same year, much to the surprise of his acquaintances and family. The marriage endured four years, ending in 1988 with a divorce. Elton had previously announced in 1976 that he was bisexual, but after his divorce, he reaffirmed his homosexuality.

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