10 Surprising Facts You Need to Know About Dae Dae!

In this post, we will look at some of the more shocking aspects of Dae Dae‘s life. These ten simple facts will assist us to learn about the artist’s lifestyle.

Dae Dae Facts You Didn’t Know

Dae Dae is an Atlanta rapper who is eager to take hip-hop to the next level. He’s gone a long way from thieving and breaking into people’s homes to support his child to earning $600 as a concrete worker.

His primary concern right now is the future of his five children, and he is doing everything in his power to ensure it. However, he has made poor decisions that have placed him in jail multiple times; he is currently being held at the Fulton County Jail on serious assault charges.

  1. He was arrested for marijuana possession

According to 11 Alive, the hip-hop star was pulled over in February 2018 for speeding in a 70 mph zone. After coming to a halt, the officer smelled marijuana and noticed a revolver in plain sight. He searched the vehicle and discovered another handgun. Dae Dae was charged with possession of marijuana weighing less than an ounce since he was in the car with another individual.

  1. He became a father when he was 14 years old

Dae Dae is now the proud father of five children, the first of which he conceived when he was only 14 years old. As a result, the rapper had to drop out of school to care for the young daughter. It was the best choice he could have made because she understands him and is always willing to assist him with his music.

  1. He smokes marijuana

Of all, for someone who was once arrested for marijuana possession, it seems to reason that he uses it on a regular basis.

Dae Dae

The rapper doesn’t hide the fact that he smokes it, claiming that it helps him relax. Dae Dae, like many other musicians, believes that cannabis aids in the creative process of composing music.

  1. He is accused of stabbing a teen

Dae Dae was wanted in connection with a stabbing incident at the Union City Store in early April 2021. He stabbed himself in December 2020 because he couldn’t get the doughnut he wanted. According to the adolescent, the confrontation occurred after a male was unable to obtain a specific food item, but he drove away only to return later and begin cursing at her.

  1. He’d always wanted to be a rapper

Because the rapper comes from a musical household, he observed his father and brother rap. He admitted that they impacted him to like music and that he loved the ingenuity behind it. His father had a studio in the house, but it was raided during a narcotics bust and the studio equipment was confiscated. As a result, Dae Dae’s dream of becoming a rapper had to be put on hold.

  1. His hit song’s “Wat U Mean” lyrics

Gazette Review reported that Dae Dae had to start from zero after losing their studio equipment. This required performing odd tasks such as concrete and flooring work. During this time, while he was freestyling in his mind, some lyrics became stuck in his brain; therefore, he stopped the grinder to jot them down in his notepad.

  1. He received money annually from his mother

Dae Dae began composing music at the age of 15, but he never considered opening his own studio. The rapper reasoned that he could always rely on the facilities of his friends.

Dae Dae

Therefore, each year his mother would give Dae Dae $750 to purchase games, bicycles, or whatever else he desired. However, one day his father advised him that he should invest in his own studio, so he spent the $700 budgeted for studio equipment that year.

  1. He is a Greatest Artist

Tupac was Dae Dae’s favorite artist, but now that he has passed away, he would love to collaborate with other musical titans. He admitted his appreciation for Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Andre 3000. However, of all the living rappers, he wishes to collaborate with Anthony Hamilton. This is his top priority, and if he fails to accomplish anything else, recording music with Hamilton will suffice.

  1. He Refused to Care for His Infant

According to REVOLT, Dae Dae was not ready to be a father at the age of 14, so when his fiancée announced she was pregnant, he denied paternity. However, the rapper’s father was unwilling to have a son who was incapable of caring for his own family, so he instructed Dae Dae to ask the girl to take the child to Dae Dae’s father.

  1. He is a dog enthusiast

Someone who was apprehended for stabbing a teenager would not be expected to have any compassion for animals. Nonetheless, it is peculiar that the rapper has a soft place for dogs. He told Tidal that he watches Animal Planet frequently due to his passion for canines. His favorite program is “Animal Cops” because it allows him to witness the punishment of those who mistreat dogs.

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