Ariana Grande’s Best Album That You Need to Hear!

In search of the ideal Ariana Grande album to include on your playlist? Look no further than her best album to date, which features deep ballads and chart-topping anthems that will have you singing along from beginning to end.

This album is likely to wow with its potent vocals, engaging beats, and sentimental lyrics whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to her music.

Every song on the album, from the uplifting anthem “7 Rings” to the heartfelt ballad “thank u, next,” demonstrates Ariana’s diverse talent. Why then wait? Find out for yourself why this album is regarded as one of the best of all time by giving it a listen.

1. 7 Ring

American singer-songwriter Ariana Grande’s 2019 single “7 Rings” became a hit. The song’s energetic and infectious trap-pop tune carries a self-assured and inspiring message about materialism and self-love.

Grande’s experiences with wealth and how it has enabled her to indulge in the better things in life are discussed in the song. The 7 Rings that Grande and her pals bought as a symbol of their friendship are mentioned in the song’s title.

Grande’s vocal performance, the song’s production, and the lyrics all received praise from music critics. “7 Rings” debuted at the top of the charts in various nations. Since then, it has grown to be one of Ariana Grande’s most well-known and well-known songs, solidifying her position as a global pop icon.

2. Thank U, Next

American singer Ariana Grande’s 2018 single Thank U, Next is a hit. Pop anthem about self-love, personal development, and letting go of the past in relationships. The song’s lyrics discuss Grande’s relationships with her ex-partners and the lessons she has taken away from them.

In the chorus, Grande sings, “Thank you, next / I’m so grateful for my ex,” highlighting the value of self-love and gratitude. The song became one of Grande’s signature songs and was a financial triumph, topping the charts in a number of nations.

In addition, it received accolades from critics for its inspiring message and Grande’s vocal delivery. A cultural phenomenon, “Thank U, Next” has spawned many memes, parodies, and covers.

3. Dangerous Woman

The lead single and title track of Ariana Grande’s third studio album, “Dangerous Woman,” was released in 2016. Grande’s strong vocals are featured on the track, which also has a sensual R&B beat.

The song’s lyrics, which feature Grande singing, “Something ’bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman,” depict a lady who is unabashedly assured and in control. Critics commended the song for its sophisticated sound and Grande’s vocal range and composure.

The song’s concept of female strength and sexuality is further emphasized in the music video for “Dangerous Woman,” which stars Grande in a number of alluring clothes and stances.

The song became one of Grande’s most well-known songs and was a commercial triumph, charting in various nations. Since then, “Dangerous Woman” has grown in popularity and become a mainstay of Grande’s live performances.

4. Sweetener

2018 saw the release of American singer-songwriter Ariana Grande’s fourth studio album, “Sweetener.” The music on the album is a blend of pop, R&B, and hip-hop, and the lyrics discuss love, healing, and self-care.

The topic of finding sweetness under trying circumstances is alluded to in the album’s title, which appears throughout the whole thing. In the wake of the Manchester Arena bombing, which occurred in 2017 while Grande was on tour with “Dangerous Woman,” the lead song, “No Tears Left to Cry,” received accolades for its optimistic and hopeful message.

“God is a Woman,” “Breathin,” and “Better Off” are some of the album’s other well-liked songs. “Sweetener” debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart and won praise from critics for its creativity, experimentation, and upbeat vibe. The album was a commercial hit and solidified Ariana Grande’s position as a leading pop performer.

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5. Positions

The sixth studio album of American singer-songwriter Ariana Grande, “Positions,” was made available in 2020. The R&B, pop, and trap sounds on the album are mixed with lyrics that explore themes of love, intimacy, and introspection.

Positions, the album’s debut single, and title track offer Grande’s sensual and sweet vocals over a jazzy and upbeat beat. The lyrics of the song, which include lines like “Switchin’ the positions for you” and “I’m in the Olympics way I’m jumping through hoops,” reflect Grande’s willingness to adjust to her partner’s demands and wishes.

The songs “34+35,” “Off the Table,” and “Motive” are among the album’s other top hits. Reviews of “Positions” were favorable due to its unified sound and Grande’s diverse and inventive singing abilities. The album was a commercial success and made its Billboard 200 chart debut at number one, making it Grande’s fifth album to reach that position.

6. My Everything

The second studio album by American singer-songwriter Ariana Grande, titled “My Everything,” was released in 2014. With lyrics that explore themes of love, heartbreak, and personal development, the album combines pop, R&B, and EDM sounds.

Grande’s excellent vocal range is showcased in the lead track, “Problem,” which is accompanied by a catchy and bouncy saxophone melody. The album’s other well-liked songs are “Break Free,” “Love Me Harder,” and “One Last Time.”

Critics gave “My Everything” largely favorable reviews, praising Grande’s singing skills as well as the album’s captivating melodies and production.

The album was a commercial triumph, making its Billboard 200 chart debut at number one, and establishing Grande as a budding pop sensation. Fans continue to love “My Everything,” which was also a turning point in Grande’s career.

7. Yours Truly

As was previously noted, Grande’s first studio album was titled Yours Truly. It’s interesting to notice that the production procedure for it appears to have been somewhat difficult. To begin with, Grande began writing it in August 2010 but didn’t finish it in time to distribute it until August 2013.

Additionally, Put Your Hearts Up, her debut single, was bubblegum pop. Even before Yours Truly was able to be released, she blatantly said that she had no interest in that particular music genre. Instead, Grande sought to create music that was reminiscent of the artists who had influenced her.

As a result, several of the album’s songs were obviously influenced by pop and R&B from the 1990s as well as other music genres from even earlier decades. Overall, Yours Truly had some memorable songs that are still relevant today. Unfortunately, there are a few problems with it.

One, some of its tracks are far more forgettable because it was unable to maintain that level of quality continuously. Two, Grande didn’t separate herself on it as much as she would on her later releases because it took too much inspiration in some spots.

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