Andy Cohen Weight Loss: How He Shed The Pounds And Got In Shape?

The well-liked TV anchor and personality Andy Cohen are renowned for his charm and wit on camera. He was battling his weight and health behind the scenes, though. However, Cohen has slimmed down and changed his body in recent years, inspiring people all around the world.

Cohen has made a big transition in recent years, dropping a large amount of weight and getting in shape. Many individuals who are also suffering with their weight and health now look up to him as an inspiration. We’ll look at Andy Cohen’s weight loss journey and the keys to his success in this article.

Early Years

A television personality named Andy Cohen was created on June 2, 1968, in St. Louis, Missouri. At Boston University, where he pursued his academic education, he majored in broadcast journalism.

After graduating, he started working for CBS News, where he contributed to their news programs for ten years. He started working for the Bravo network as a producer and executive of programming in 2004.

Since then, Cohen has hosted several talk shows and created well-liked reality TV series including the “The Real Housewives” franchise.

Struggles With Weight

Cohen has been transparent about his issues with body image and weight throughout his career. In his book “Most Talkative,” he discussed how he used to binge on fast food and drink a lot. Additionally, he admitted that he was a binge eater and that his weight varied according to his emotions.

Cohen’s weight problems were more than just a cosmetic issue. He had other health issues as well, including excessive cholesterol and blood pressure. To enhance his health and welfare, he understood that he needed to change his lifestyle.

Inspiration To Get Fit

The motivation for Cohen to get in better shape comes from a multitude of different places. In an interview with Men’s Health, he disclosed that his buddy Kelly Ripa, who is well-known for her active lifestyle and commitment to a nutritious diet, served as a source of motivation for him.

Stanislav Kravchenko, his trainer, was the one he said was largely responsible for pushing him to work harder and accomplish his objectives.

Cohen also confessed that his motivation was influenced by the fact that he was being filmed. He was aware that his looks were vital in his role as a TV personality, and he desired to look and feel as good as he possibly could.

Diet Changes

Cohen significantly altered his diet to help him shed pounds. He stopped consuming alcohol, processed meals, and junk food in favor of a balanced diet. Along with cutting back on portion sizes, he started keeping a food diary to monitor his calorie consumption.

Lean protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables make up the majority of Cohen’s diet nowadays. Additionally, he avoids sugary beverages and consumes a lot of water.

Exercise Routine

Cohen not only altered his eating habits, but he also began engaging in regular physical activity. He works out three to four times a week with the assistance of his trainer, Stanislav Kravchenko. His routines consist of a variety of activities, including yoga, aerobics, and strength training.

In addition to working out in the gym, Cohen enjoys staying active in other settings. Cycling, hiking, and tennis are among his favorite pastimes. He is under the impression that maintaining an active lifestyle is one of the most important aspects of his mission to lose weight and improve his overall health and wellness.

Results and Achievements

The effort and commitment Cohen put into maintaining his physical shape have paid off. He has significantly reduced his weight and is now in fantastic form. He feels and appears better than ever.

In addition to changing physically, Cohen has also accomplished several other significant goals. Before beginning his weight loss journey, he never would have imagined being able to finish the New York City Marathon in 2017.

His best-selling autobiography, “Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries,” also contained passages describing his struggle with weight loss.

Andy Cohen’s Advice For Others

The path that Andy Cohen took to lose weight serves as motivation for a lot of people who are dealing with their weight and their health. His counsel to others is straightforward: commit yourself, establish attainable goals, and maintain consistency.

In addition to that, he advises locating a support network and maintaining motivation by keeping track of progress and recognizing achievements.

Cohen highlights that there is no technique for weight loss and exercise that is universally applicable to everyone. The trip is unique for each individual, and it is essential to figure out what works for you in particular.


In conclusion, Andy Cohen’s weight loss story is proof that anyone can attain their health and fitness objectives with tenacity and diligence. Many individuals are motivated to make positive changes in their life by his success story.

Anyone trying to improve their health and wellness will find value in Cohen’s advice to set realistic objectives, seek help, and be consistent. Don’t forget to bookmark our website Sacredsoulmusic for more articles like this and to leave your comments in the space below.

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