Alice in Chains’ Best Album: A Sonic Adventure!

During its prime in the 1990s, the band Alice in Chains became an international sensation. They became one of the most famous rock bands of their era, which contributed to their ascent to the status of an icon.

During the time that Layne Staley was a member of the Bad, the band released three of their albums. After he passed away, the band continued their work and welcomed William DuVall as a new member.

They also continued to make albums, releasing three extended plays (EPs) and three full-length studio albums after he passed away. The discography of Alice in Chains is presented here with each album positioned according to how well-received it was by both fans and reviewers.

1. Dirt

Dirtwas released in 1992, immediately after the wildly successful undertaking “Facelift.” In the same way that its predecessor had opened the door for the nascent grunge scene, “Dirt” closed it. The ensemble entered a period of unprecedented success and popularity.

“Would?” was my favorite single from this album. The song was featured in the movie “Singles.” This song, along with “Angry Chair,” “Rooster,” “Them Bones,” and “Down in a Hole,” is one of the album’s many top successes. There were no fillers on the CD, it was jam-packed with the band’s biggest songs.

Everything was excellent. The album was nominated for a Grammy and peaked at number six on the Billboard 200 album charts. Alice in Chains reached new heights of superstardom with “Dirt.”

2. Facelift

Facelift was canceled in the year 1990. It occurred at the time immediately before the grunge phenomenon had fully established, with Alice in Chains serving as a trailblazer for the rest of the bands to follow in their footsteps.

The song “Man in the Box” went on to become the album’s most successful single, followed by “We Die, Young,” which was a popular request on radio stations at the time. “Sunshine,” “It Ain’t Like That,” “Sea of Sorrow,” and “Bleed the Freak” are some of the other hits that were produced as a result of these ventures.

This album was one of the most influential ones issued early on in the group’s career, and it was one of the first to be released. “Facelift reached the pinnacle of success, earning certification as double platinum as a result of the exceptionally high amount of album sales.

3. Alice in Chains

1995 marked the release of the self-titled album “Alice in Chains.” Both fans and critics agree that it is still one of their top three favorites. It was one of the band’s most challenging projects, and it was released at a time when Layne Staley was having trouble overcoming his addiction to drugs.

They were able to put their differences aside and come out with one of the best albums in their whole discography. The song “Grind” was made available as a single for purchase.

In addition to receiving a significant amount of airplay, it was also nominated for a Grammy award. “Alice in Chains dominated the album charts in 1995, finishing the year at number one in multiple categories.

4. The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

The book titled “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” was published in the year 2013. It arrived after the release of “Black Gives Way to Blue,” and it quickly became an even bigger hit with fans as well as reviewers.

The songs “Stone,” “Voices,” and “Hollow” are among the most successful ones on the new album. After its first release, each of the songs was played on the radio a significant number of times.

Low Ceiling,” “Breath on a Window,” and “Phantom Limb” are three of the album’s great tracks that particularly stand out. This record worked its way up the Billboard 200 album chart all the way to position number two.

5. Black Gives Way to Blue

The album “Black Gives Way to Blue” was released in 2009, and it featured vocals by both William DuVall and Jerry Cantrell. After the death of Layne Staley, this album served as a symbol of the band’s resurrection.

The undertaking was interpreted as a type of reunion for Alice in Chains, and it conveyed the idea that the band was by no means over. The album included the phenomenal hit “A Looking in View,” which was considered for a Grammy Award, as well as the song “Check My Brain,” which was also considered for a Grammy Award.

There are also some singles on the album, such as “Acid Bubble,” “Your Decision,” and “All Secrets Known.” The album was certified as gold.

6. Rainier Fog

According to Loud Wire, “Rainier Fog” is the sixth-best album that the legendary band has ever published. Fans were thrilled that Jerry Cantrell was featured as the lead vocalist on such a significant number of the album’s tunes.

This dip reached its highest position on the Billboard 200 chart at number 12, which is not a terrible result. The tracks “Never Fade,” “Red Giant,” and “The One You Know” are among the project’s most impressive offerings musically.

7. Sap

According to Dead End Follies, “Sap” is the seventh-best project that Alice in Chains has ever released. Chris Cornell made a special appearance on the album and contributed his vocals to it, which is one of the reasons why it is considered to be one of the best elements of the collection.

Along with Cornell’s other contributions, the song “Right Turn” was ultimately what prevented this album from falling to the very bottom of the list.

Even if it wasn’t one of their best efforts overall, the fact that it made it to the seventh spot on the favorites list is a testament to the fact that there were a few things that made it stand out.

8. Jar of Flies

The band’s eighth studio album, titled “Jar of Flies,” is ranked as the band’s eighth-best release. “No Excuses,” which was one of the band’s most successful singles around the time that the album was being published, is the track that prevented this album from falling to the bottom of the list of fan favorites.

However, the remaining songs on the release didn’t resonate with audiences with the same power as prior projects did, and “I Stay Away” is one of the songs that fans enjoy listening to the most.

9. MTV Unplugged

According to Diffuser, the album “MTV Unplugged,” which was released in 1996, is the ninth-best project that Alice in Chains has ever completed. The band had previously released an album with their name as the title in 1995, which was followed by the release of this album.

It was an album that arrived after the band had been off the road for around three years before it was released. The hiatus was finally broken with the release of this album, which also served as Layne Staley’s final release before his untimely death.

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