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Who is Aaron Lewis?

Aaron Lewis is an American musician who is best known as the lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and founding member of the nu-metal band Staind, with whom he recorded seven studio albums. He has been making country music on his own since 2010, and his first EP, Town Line, came out in 2011.

Blaster Records put out Lewis’s first full-length album as a single artist in 2012. It was called “The Road.” Hit Parader put Lewis at number 49 on their list of the “Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists” in 2006.

NameAaron Lewis
BirthApril 13, 1972
Net Worth$6 million
Relationship WithVanessa Lewis

How much money does Aaron Lewis have?

As per Celebritynetworth, Aaron Lewis is a singer from the United States who has a net worth of $6 million. Most people know Aaron Lewis as the lead singer and bass guitarist for the rock band Staind. With the group, he made records like “Dysfunction,” “Break the Cycle,” “Chapter V,” and “The Illusion of Progress.” Lewis started his solo career as a country musician in 2011 when he put out the EP “Town Line.”

Collaborations made by Aaron Lewis

Lewis has worked with many acts over the years, both with Staind and on his own. In 1999, he sang on the song “No S*x” from Limp Bizkit’s album “Significant Other.” A few years later, Lewis was on the remix of Linkin Park’s “Crawling,” from the album “Reanimation.”

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He has also sung on songs by Sevendust, Cold, and Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, among others. Late in 2010, Lewis and Corey Taylor of Slipknot did an acoustic show together for one night only. They played songs like “Down in a Hole” by Alice in Chains and “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd.

Aaron Lewis’s Political beliefs and something about personal life

Lewis backs Donald Trump, and on his shows in 2019 and 2020, he wore a “Make America Great Again” hat. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been against people being forced to get shots or wear masks.

Lewis has three girls with his wife Vanessa. Together with his wife, he worked through his non-profit group, It Takes a Community, to reopen the elementary school where his daughters go to school in Worthington, Massachusetts. Lewis likes to shoot white-tailed deer with a bow and arrow when he has free time.

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